Sunday, April 22, 2012

Block #3

This is the 3rd block I've completed.

Worked at planting some tomato plants yesterday.
There are 3 tomato plants in this planter.

This planter has chive, curly parsley, and sweet basil seeds planted.  Can't wait to see the first little green shoots.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Landscaping

For some time my husband has wanted to put rocks around some of the areas of our front yard.  He finally bit the bullet and hired a local landscaper to do just that.  I think it turned out quite nice.  Really adds a lot of curb appeal to the area.  The first picture is in front of our master bathroom.
This didn't show up as nicely from the road just because the first layer is embedded in the dirt evenly with the cement of our drive.  But he couldn't add another layer or it would impede the sprinkler that is right in the middle - kind of where you can see that "crack" or dark area.  Also, if you get it too high, it would be higher than the  porch and water trapped from rain in the enclosed area would run onto the porch.  I do think it adds such a finishing touch though.  The next picture is in around a tree in the front yard.
Behind this tree is right in front of the garage where the next picture was taken.
They also replenished our ground covering with fresh bark.

Sunday afternoon, Marsha (my friend and former coworker) came by to pick up her Grandmother's Flower Garden that I had been hand-quilting for literally years.  Now, of course, I didn't not work on it full time for years - probably should have, and she would have had it long before now.  Her mother English-pieced it during the 1970s.  Sadly her mother has passed away.  I'm just sorry she was not able to see the completed project.  But after all this time, I had become quite attached to this lovely quilt.  I didn't realize just how lovely it was until I took it to our Birminham Quilt Guild meeting and was able to hang it (for show-and-tell) so that the whole quilt could be seen.  All of a sudden, this thing that I was rather sick of working on became a thing of beauty.  And I was dreading having to part with it.  What it did was inspire me to begin working on one of my own.  Certainly, I don't lack for any scraps to use!!  I know this will be a veeerry loooong term project.  I'll make little baggies of fabric and freezer paper to take along and work on it 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.  I should eventually get it done - if I live long enough!
Let me tell you, this quilt must be miles in circumference!  To finish the edges, I turned the backing under to meet the turned edge of the hexegon and whip-stitched it together - ALLLL the way around.  I remember when I got all the flowers quilted, I felt like I was almost done - NOT!  I had to quilt the white outer edge and inside the green outer edge and along the outermost edge - ALLLL the way around.  That took nearly as long as quilting the flowers.  I think it must be about king-size, although I never actually measured the whole thing.  The hexegons are 1" finished along the edge.  There are eight flowers across and 8 down.  When I do mine, I don't think I'll do the edges this way.  Not sure yet just how I'll do them, though.  By the time I get there, I'll probably have changed my mind 3 or 4 times anyway!

I think I'll say "ta ta" for today and go play the piano for awhile - something I've not done in quite awhile.  Not sure why, since it used to be such a big part of my life, but I guess "life" has just gotten in the way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I've been working on a four-block wallhanging. It is a Piece-O-Cake design made using a layer cake. The blocks are in varying stages of completion. I just love to needle-turn appliqué.