Saturday, July 2, 2016

More Pictures of Fabric Available

I have several bolts of fabric that are available.  These would make great backings for quilts that are just sitting there waiting to be quilted - and you all know we have plenty of those!  :)

I thought that most of these were 50/50, but most are actually 100% cotton.  I bought them from a shop going out of business.

The first one is a 50/50blend. 25 yards.

The one below is 100% cotton and has 25 yards.

This cute little Two by Two Noah's Ark is 100% cotton and has 15 yards.

This is similar to the 1st one, only for girls.  It is 50/50 and has 25 yards.

This is a whole bolt of these cute little hearts panels.  It is 100% cotton and has 20 yards.

This would be a GREAT backing for some manly quilts.  It is 100% cotton and has 20 yards.

Another great bolt of backing fabric for men's quilts.   20 yards and all cotton.  Dark green background.

These are panels of beautiful magnolia flowers. There could be other flowers; I just don't know; haven't taken it out of the plastic. 100% cotton and 15 yards.

Cute little backing fabric for kids quilts or preprinted for tops - screaming cuddle quilts to me!! 100% and 20 yards.

Again, great fabric for cuddle quilts.  100% cotton, and I think there must be about 30-40 yards.

This is dark blue background and golf related.  100% cotton and 3 1/2 yards left on this bolt.

This looks like some kind of large printed panels.  It is a 50/50 blend and has 20 yards.

This last bolt looks like some kind of large animal panel. It is 50/50 and 13 yards. 

Next are some more tops, all are pieced. 
This first one is Attic Windows and quite bright. 

This one is a Yellow Brick Road from a fat quarter pack. Can you tell I like this pattern?? šŸ˜Š

This pattern is called Hidden Wells. The colors are really off in this picture for some reason. It is all purples, lavender, blues, and maroon. It is sandwiched, and may even have some quilting on it. 

This one is just a sample/trial of a larger one I was thinking about doing. It is mostly quilted. 

This is a Noah's ark that has fairly puffy batting. It is partially hand quilted. 

This is a closeup of some of the quilting around the individual animals.   Guess you can't really see it all that much - does give you a closeup of those cute little animals.

Check back.....I'm sure there is more to come....

The Times Are a Changing.....

As many of my FaceBook friends know, we are leaving Alabama and moving back to our home state of Kansas.  It is bittersweet for us, because we have lived here for nearly 27 years - longer than we have lived anywhere else by 10 years!  We have a farm there and a small house in town that we are going back to.  The town is about 500 - no stop lights, no traffic, can walk to the grocery store (the one my dad owned and I grew up in), post office and church.  Kind of a Mayberry, USA.  We are ready for the nice slow pace that retirement should be.  Well, I guess some retirees like that fast pace, but we've lived that, and we're ready to try something else.  We have been going back to this little town of Little River a couple times a year to take care of farm business, and we like it better each time we go. We enjoy visiting with many friends with whom we went to school.

I say all that to say that I'm needing to have a large moving sale.  One sale will be a regular moving sale of household goods, and the other will be my quilt supplies.  We are downsizing considerably!!  In our current home I have a large bonus room over a 2-car garage FILLED to overflowing with quilt supplies - fabric (and more fabric!) - mostly quilt-shop-quality 100% cottons.

The sale time will be Friday and Saturday, July 8th and 9th from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.  My address is 159 Park Lake Trace - NOT the Chateau Way address.  Sorry for that confusion! However, if you see something here you are really interested, give me a call.  My phone is in the member's booklet.  If you have any questions, PM me on FB or comment here on my blog.  By Friday, I hope to have all the things downstairs.

To give you some idea of what I have, I've included some pictures.

The first picture is fabric organized by color.  Most of these pieces are small to medium size pieces.    Since I took this picture I've added other fabrics to it.  These will be sold for $3.00 for however much you can stuff into a regular size plastic grocery bag.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN GROCERY BAGS IF YOU CAN, AS I MAY RUN OUT.  THANKS! This area is nearly empty now.

 The next 2 pictures are bundles of coordinating fabrics - some 2 fabrics, some 3-5 fabrics in the bundle.  They are all color coordinated.  I'm sure I bought most for some project that just never got started.  More fabrics have been added since this picture, also.  These pieces will be $2.00 per yard (measured to the nearest 1/2 yard).

Below is a bookcase full of flannels.  These would make great rag quilts.  That's basically what I bought them for.  There are also some minky fabrics in the bunch.  They will be $1.00 per yard. This is still all available except the minky fabric. I know you can't begin to think of flannel quilts in this heat, but they will feel good next winter.

I also have lots of plastic containers.  Some of those have scraps, and some have projects in them.

I have a good number of kits.  Most I've never started - some have never been opened!  They will all be individually priced at least 50% off the original price (perhaps more discount).

This one is a blue and yellow quilt and also includes the book dedicated to this pattern.

This one is a little old fashioned looking miniature.

This picture shows the wallhanging in pastels, but the fabrics included are rather bright. SOLD

This next one looks really ugly from the picture because the colors are just yucky!! But the picture below it is of the fabrics that are actually included.  SOLD

This picture does not do justice to the colors - they are really bright blues and greens. 

This is a fairly good sized row quilt using primary colors. 

The colors of this Crazy Watermelon quilt are really bright!!!  SOLD

I believe there are 12 blocks here of scrappy houses.  I did not make these, but think I got them on a free table at a guild meeting.  They will be free to whoever would like them.  GONE

There are 8 blocks here; about 16" squares.  They are made from thrift shop shirts.  The petals are fused and blanket stitched.  Plans were to appliquĆ© circles over the center of the flowers. Each one is different - scrappy.  Still have these.

Next I have a whole bunch of quilt/wall hanging tops - most are ready to quilt.  Some are in stages of being quilted.  This first one was not done by me.  Again, I think I picked it up on the free table.  Free to anyone who wants to finish it.

This throw was Yellow Brick Road pattern from cowboy fabrics.  I didn't take the time to measure any of these tops.  Sorry.....  SOLD

This is a little piece to hang from your fireplace mantal. I always loved this little piece, but since I won't have a fireplace, I'll have to part with it.  It is fused appliquĆ©.  SOLD

The colors didn't photograph very well on this one.  It's really quite bright. 
Greens, blues, and purples.  SOLD

This picture is a larger Yellow Brick Road, and the blues are brighter than shown here.  The dark pieces are navy in color.  So this is a fairly large piece.  SOLD

Well, I finally got wise and went into the bedroom to take pictures of the rest.  Size-wise, this bed is a full bed.  This quilt is just a scrappy one of jewel tones.  SOLD

Just a little scrappy ditty.  SOLD

This is all pieced with a center printed picture of a golden retriever. The dark color is a dark hunter green.  SOLD

These colors are quite bright scrappy greens. The flowers are raw-edge appliquĆ© on a white strip. (My quilt on the bed made it look pink.)  SOLD

A small bargello.  Love the butterflies in the border.

This was made from a charm pack. I was going to use it for one of guild challenges, but never got it quilted.

I loved the pastels in this little wall hanging, but every time I looked at this, all I saw was the beige.   There's some nice large open spaces for some really beautiful quilting.

This one was a little booger to make - LOTS of bias edges and partial piecing.  It's really pretty, but won't be doing that pattern again!  Lots of ripping, trying to get this one to lay flat!

I don't know the name of this pattern, but I liked it.   SOLD

These are actually just a few of the tops I have had the time to photograph.  There are more!

Here is a picture of some bolts of fabric that I have.  There may be some blends in these fabrics.  They will be sold by the bolt.  These plastic-coated wire bins will be sold also.  There is a large sturdy cabinet top placed across the top of them.  Makes a nice little work station.  I wish I had had TEN of these!!!  I could have sold them all!!!!!!  It went first thing this morning. (Will be picked up later in week.)

I also have a plastic bin full of upholstery fabric pieces - the kind that are used for samples. My plan was to use them to make purses using my embroidery machine.  Don't have enough years left in me to make that many bags.  :)

 There is a large 5-shelf bookcase FULL of quilt books and patterns.    I haven't even started through those yet.  PLEASE consider these books and patterns!!!  I cannot take them all with me!!!!!

There is a bookcase with boxes of quilt magazines organized according to the magazine and the date.

There is a huge bin of small scraps.   I actually have 2 bins full of the scraps. I'll just offer those up for free - however much you want to stash in a plastic bag.

Well, that's just a sample of some of the things that are available.  I haven't gotten through it all yet.   *sigh*

Again, the sale time will be Friday and Saturday, July 8th and 9th from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.   And the address is 159 Park Lake Trace - NOT the Chateau Way address.  However, if you see something here you are really interested, give me a call.  My phone is in the member's booklet.  If you have any questions, PM me on FB or comment here on my blog.