Saturday, July 2, 2016

More Pictures of Fabric Available

I have several bolts of fabric that are available.  These would make great backings for quilts that are just sitting there waiting to be quilted - and you all know we have plenty of those!  :)

I thought that most of these were 50/50, but most are actually 100% cotton.  I bought them from a shop going out of business.

The first one is a 50/50blend. 25 yards.

The one below is 100% cotton and has 25 yards.

This cute little Two by Two Noah's Ark is 100% cotton and has 15 yards.

This is similar to the 1st one, only for girls.  It is 50/50 and has 25 yards.

This is a whole bolt of these cute little hearts panels.  It is 100% cotton and has 20 yards.

This would be a GREAT backing for some manly quilts.  It is 100% cotton and has 20 yards.

Another great bolt of backing fabric for men's quilts.   20 yards and all cotton.  Dark green background.

These are panels of beautiful magnolia flowers. There could be other flowers; I just don't know; haven't taken it out of the plastic. 100% cotton and 15 yards.

Cute little backing fabric for kids quilts or preprinted for tops - screaming cuddle quilts to me!! 100% and 20 yards.

Again, great fabric for cuddle quilts.  100% cotton, and I think there must be about 30-40 yards.

This is dark blue background and golf related.  100% cotton and 3 1/2 yards left on this bolt.

This looks like some kind of large printed panels.  It is a 50/50 blend and has 20 yards.

This last bolt looks like some kind of large animal panel. It is 50/50 and 13 yards. 

Next are some more tops, all are pieced. 
This first one is Attic Windows and quite bright. 

This one is a Yellow Brick Road from a fat quarter pack. Can you tell I like this pattern?? 😊

This pattern is called Hidden Wells. The colors are really off in this picture for some reason. It is all purples, lavender, blues, and maroon. It is sandwiched, and may even have some quilting on it. 

This one is just a sample/trial of a larger one I was thinking about doing. It is mostly quilted. 

This is a Noah's ark that has fairly puffy batting. It is partially hand quilted. 

This is a closeup of some of the quilting around the individual animals.   Guess you can't really see it all that much - does give you a closeup of those cute little animals.

Check back.....I'm sure there is more to come....

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