Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday, 12/15/06

Wow! The last couple of weeks have been jam-packed. Can't even begin to catch up on all the happenings here. The boys are settling in just fine. Once in a while Chris will actually utter an English word! That is a major step for him. But it is only when he wants to say it! :)

Today is my last day of work for the semester. After today I plan to not even think about school until the first day I have to go back in January. I need a COMPLETE break from school!!!

I begged, pleaded, grovelled, and whatever else I could do to get Guy to let me buy a treadmill. Several years ago I had one. It was not motorized, and I really didn't use it much. I was also in a different frame of mind (and body) then. Now, I'm really much more motivated to use one. I really like to walk in the neighborhood, but in the summer, it is too hot. In the winter, it gets dark too early. It is great in the spring and the fall, but I've got to establish a habit and if I miss more than a day or two, it's all over and consistency goes out the window. I found a motorized one last week that was dramatically reduced in price because the next year's model was out, and they only had two left of the old model. I've been pricing them, and when they are $399 and up (and I mean UP!), I knew that $173 was a real find. I finally convinced Guy that I needed this one, and I brought it home in a big box. Now I have to figure out how to put it together. That's my goal for the weekend. I've got to get it up and running, because I PROMISED I would faithfully use this one!

I'll get some more pictures up of the boys when I get them downloaded to my computer. It's also been more than a week since I've recieved pictures of Maya, and I'm in big time withdrawal!!!

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