Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time to catch up....

I guess it is time to get caught up here since the break is over and I'm into the next break! During the break between semesters, I got a lot of quilting done. It was so weird to spend all day in my quilt room. I kept thinking I needed to work on something for school since that is all I had done for the last 5 months 24/7. I felt like a bird out of a cage. Here's is some of what I finished.

This is a nearly twin-sized flannel that came in a kit I purchased in Bozeman a year ago. It is pieced and appliqued. It is a lot prettier in person. I freehanded the squiggle quilting and the hearts in the inner border blocks.

The is a little gizmo to hand on the backside of the front car seat. The yellow pockets on the bottom hold larger toys, books, etc. and the elasticized pockets at the top hold the smaller things.

This is called an I Spy quilt. Most of these I've seen I don't really care for because every square is just sewn together and it is too busy. I decided to "fussy cut" two of every square - two matching 3" sqaures in the center, and two matching 2" squares in the border. This is going to Maya, and she can play with it finding the two blocks that match. The boys have had fun playing with this since I finished it.

This next one, I had pieced and appliqued this top several years ago and didn't quilt it because I didn't how to quilt it. Every time I picked it up, no inspiration would come to me. A couple of times when Jeannine was home, she would see this top and tell me that someday she wanted it if I ever got it done. So I decided that I would sandwich the top, batting and backing and just start stitching. That is what I did. I basically quilted "in the ditch" and squiggled on the border. The qpplique on this one is fused with blanket-stitching. I much prefer to needle-turn applique, because I don't like the stiff feeling you get with fusing. I've now learned to not fuse the entire piece down, but just use a "rim" around the edge and that keeps it much softer.

The other project was the reversable place mats. You can click on any of these pictures to see the details. When I fly out to Bozeman next Tuesday, I'll have to take an extra suitcase just to take all the quilts.

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