Sunday, June 23, 2013

Surgery Update

I had the surgery on Wednesday, June, 19.  All went well according to the doctor.  He did tell my husband that the foot had a lot of arthritis in it, and he "had to do a lot of scraping” – whatever that meant.  They ended up putting in 5 screws instead of the planned 3.  The leg and foot was in a splint with an Ace-wrap around it from just below my knee to my toes.  The biggest problem the first day, of course, was the pain.  I was on a morphine pump (PCA), and all it did was help me get some sleep because it certainly did very little for the pain.  Frankly, I didn't really bargain for that much pain!

I didn't go home the next morning as they said I would - just too much pain, and I had not yet even tried to get up on a bedside commode - mainly because they never got one in my room.  It was always, "We've ordered one."  Finally one came in the evening and physical therapy came to get me up with a walker.  That was very painful because, not being able to any weight on my right foot, I had to hop on the left foot, and ANY jarring movement and the hanging down of my foot was very painful!  I think I got up on the commode 4-5 times during the night.  I remember those days when I would tell my new C-section moms, as they were getting out of bed the first time, "The first time you get up is the hardest, and each time after that will get easier."  Those words kept ringing in my ears each time I got up, and each time got just the teeniest bit easier.  It still made me groan, shake, and sweat every time. 

Flowers from my sweet husband.

Friday morning the surgeon's nurse came by to change the dressing on my foot.  She unwrapped the Ace-wrap, removed the cotton and splint, and then proceeded to *peel* off about a 6"x6" piece of, saturated but I think dried, telfa  It felt as thought she was taking skin and all.  Then it happened again as she took the one off my heel.  I could see at least three pieces of paper tape over three incisions on my swollen foot and one just below my knee but to the inside of my leg. The upper one was the bone graft donor site.  She the went to the bathroom with this roll of foam-like stuff.  She stretched that out under my leg and foot, added other gauze, and wrapped the whole thing in a large Ace-wrap.  She said as that foam got warm it would harden into the splint, and the whole thing would be my temporary "cast" until I went into the office.  I'll do that on Monday, July 1, to have the stitches removed and the regular cast applied.  I'll remain NON-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks.

Shortly after that, the nurse came in to removed my IV, and give me the first of my pain pills - Percocet.  After the 2 Percocets took effect, it was the first time I had gotten any measure of pain relief - and what a relief that was!!  *sigh*  I decided that going home was going to be a good thing after that.  The discharge planner came in to see what I needed at home.  When I told her I had a wheelchair that would elevate my right leg, a rolling knee walker, a bedside commode, a shower chair, crutches, and a plastic cast cover for showering, she decided I didn't really need her services!  :)

We left the hospital around 3:00 p.m.  I got into the back seat, leaned against the door, putting my foot up on a pillow.  The ride home was actually quite pleasant - until Guy hit some pot holes.  Any jarring was still quite painful, i.e. the wheelchair ride from the car over the threshold into the house.  Once I got into my recliner and got my foot properly elevated I, was ready to face the rest of the day.  I have to keep my foot higher than my heart for 23 hours out of 24 for the 1st 3 days.  That means eating and sleeping in my recliner and only up to go to the bathroom. 

Annie was ready for me to get home. 

I don't think I felt quite as bad as the picture portrayed. 
More updates later, when a little more rested.


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