Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Doctors’ visits today…..

I started out with two scheduled doctors’ visits today, and ended up with 4!  I saw my primary care physician at 8:00.  He suggested going back on Cymbalta – half the dose – until these horrid WD symptoms even out – then taper gradually – skip a day now and then, etc.  These sites that I’ve been reading all say that most doctors will tell you to do it that way, but don’t – use the bead-counting method to be more consistent and to experience the fewest issues.  My oncologist here basically said same thing as my PCP when I met with her at 9:45.  Well, I'll end up doing what I think works best for me. Both thought my head was healing nicely.  I had to catch them both up after the last two surgeries.  This was Dr. Haenel’s first week back after her maternity leave, so she had a little more catching up to do.

One thing I did not mention in my last blog update is another issue.  I decided to wait until after seeing the doctors to even mention this.  While I was at Mark’s, I bumped into the sharp corner of his bed (where we were sleeping) in the dark one night.  I think it was last Tuesday.  I didn’t think too much about it.  The next day or so, I noticed a little bump on my right shin – about the size of a very large pea.  But there was no bruise, and it didn’t really hurt and wasn’t sore.  So, I pretty much dismissed it.  A couple days ago after showering, I saw that it was *visible* – now about the size of a walnut, and it was rather sore, and even ached sometimes.  Still no bruise or discoloration.   

My PCP said it seemed a little firm for a hematoma.  Given my history, he thought just to be safe, I should probably have it biopsied.  So, he immediately called Dr. Kelley, the dermatologist (who biopsied my original lesion back in Oct), and got me set up for 11:00.  We are all so paranoid over these things that crop up on my body!!  My oncologist said, it seemed moveable, and she didn’t really think it was another cancer cropping up.  She thought it looked more like a hematoma.  She said that Dr. Kelley might want an ultrasound of it before the biopsy to see they could tell if it was fluid-filled.  When I saw Dr. Kelley, he said it was quite moveable which was more indicative of a hematoma, where a cancer is more fixed, spreading out into the surrounding tissue.  He didn’t think it needed biopsying.  He called over to radiology to see if they could get me in for an ultrasound and perhaps a needle aspiration to see if any fluid could be drawn from it.  Yikes!  By now, there had been enough poking and prodding on it, the thought of someone sticking a needle into it was certainly less than desirable!!!!  So, over to the radiology department I went.  The tech put some lubricant on it, and rubbed her wand over it for some time.  (Wish it had been a MAGIC wand and made it go away!) Then the radiology doctor came in and did the same thing.  He seemed puzzled.  He did not think it had fluid in it, so he saw no reason to stick a needle in it. (YAY!!)  It (whatever it was) seemed to sit on top of two deep varicose veins.  He really didn’t have an answer for it, but given that there was a trauma that occurred (hitting the sharp corner of the bed), it might be just some inflamed tissue.  He said to watch it a few days, and if it continued or got worse, he would MRI it.  I had really hoped that the ultrasound would just confirm a hematoma, and I would just wait for it to eventually absorb.  But noooooo – now I have to worry about this thing for more days – or weeks!

Can you believe this????  What else weird am I going to develop????  Can I not just have the usual little things????  Or can I not just get a plain BREAK for a while????   God, have you not already got my attention – a few “issues” back???

Do I sound a little irritated tonight????  Maybe I could tolerate it a little better if I didn’t have this “swirling” in my head, nausea part of the time, diarrhea going on for the 5th day, shortness of breath just out of the blue, HOT FLASHES, and this FOOT! sound in my ears!!  And trying to figure out last night’s weird dream!

OK, I got that off my chest……been a long day…..think I’ll go to bed.  Surely, I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.  It will be another day of reinstating the Cymbalta, hoping the WD symptoms will ease up eventually.  In a couple weeks, I’ll try to begin the slow tapering. 

I’ll be OK.

As always…..I remain in His hands……


  1. His grace is sufficient. It's got to be tough. God will continue to see you thru this. He will be your strength and your peace. Rest on Him.

  2. Sheryl- you and our Lord continue to amaze me in your journey! Please know you have prayer warriors in Alabama who are lifting you up! You are loved!

  3. I have no words other than we are praying for you!! Enough already!!