Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Preop, surgery, and postop.....

We made it home - safe and sound. I'm actually feeling pretty good (thank you, pain pills!), just very weary. I'm probably feeling better than Guy, bless his heart. But he is the one that wanted to come on home to LR. Nothing like your own bed to sleep in, although Mark's beds are quite comfortable.

My biggest fear I think this morning was getting my power port accessed for the IV. They seem to have had trouble the last several times there. The problem is that they only stock 3/4" needles, and the infusion centers always use 1". This is the needle that goes though my skin and directly into the port. (I always put lidocaine cream over the port area and cover it with Press N Seal.). I had as really swell nurse this morning who had a preceptor with her. The nurse was doing it all and explaining everything she was doing. As she was preparing to access the port, I asked her if her needle was 3/4 or 1. She said she had both. (Surprise!!) I told her they always had trouble with the 3/4 and the infusion centers always used 1". She said, "Oh! Thank you for sharing that with me!" She asked to have the 1" apparatus dropped onto the sterile field, and proceeded to slip it into my port, slick as a whistle!! I thanked her for making that procedure go so well. She was very competent, sweet, and had a great sense of humor.

Thank you, God, for sending this lady to care for me during the preop part of the morning. You knew just what I needed this morning to calm my fears.

The last time I went to the OR room, I had to slide from the cart to this very cold table that was covered by a cream-colored plastic thingy - brrrrrr! This time the table was covered in sheets and bent into a shape that I presumed was going to fit my body once they turned me over. However, anesthesia told me they would put me to sleep right here on the cart. Nice!! So I started breathing the oxygen through the mask. And promptly woke up in recovery!! 😊

The Dr told Guy everything went well. I saw him in the preop time, and he drew all these marks on my head. That squiggling on the lower neck was just to mark which side - they always have to do.

He told me all these different kinds of dressings he might sew onto my head to cover the site that would remain until we heard from pathology. He said he would determine which one after he got in there. I showed him the area of my concern - where all those rashy-looking, itchy bumps were from the lower stitches to almost my ear. He looked it over carefully, knowing my suspicions from that biopsy turned out to be true, and he marked it well to include my suspicious areas. He said he would take what he suspected - and then take a little more beyond that - thus the solid and dotted lines. That's what I wand to hear! I told him my ear was itching a lot, but I wondered if it might be the feeling coming back into it. He chuckled and said, "Well I'm not taking your ear this time."

As soon as I awoke in recovery, the usual vital signs were taken and the "Take a deep breath," instructions given. Soon she gave me some fentanyl for the burning-type pain and 2 oxycodone to get on board. Then came the crackers and Sprite which meant that the wheelchair would not be far behind!😊 It is just about "drive-thru-surgery" these days. After the crackers and Sprite, it was time to get dressed. Guy helped me with that. He took a picture of the dressing. I must say I've never seen anything like this!! It is a foil-type mesh. Enlarge the picture, and you can see the mesh part. (As well as some STAPLES!! Staples??? He didn't say anything about staples...oh, well....I guess it is not coming off of there until he takes it off) They said the next time I saw him would be in surgery again.

Then Guy went for the car. He had had to park on the top level so I knew he would be a bit. I leaned back to rest, but it was not long until here came the wheelchair. The pain pills had kicked in by then, so I was feeling pretty good.

It was 1:00 as we pulled away from the hospital. One hour in recovery. We got to Mark's with no problem, and they loaded our things into the car, including Annie, of course! And we took off. It was rush hour, but we didn't have far to get out of town. Since I had to be at the hospital this morning at 8:30, we were in big-time rush hour, but Guy did a good job, and we were not late.

OK, that's enough for tonight. Just praising the Lord for the day - made it through surgery well and safely home. Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers and encouraging words!!!! Love you all!! ❤️❤️❤️

And as always....I remain in His hands...

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