Saturday, December 23, 2006

I haven't received a lot of pictures from Jeannine lately. I guess they are frozen up as you can well see with the snow in the background. She is always so faithful to send pictures weekly. I looove getting the video clips. Maya is starting to say words that you can understand now. We are sooooo anxious to see her. They are coming in the day after Christmas.

We will be opening half of the presents with the boys Christmas eve. In fact they just placed cookies and milk on the fireplace mantel and have gone to bed. Tuesday when Jeannine arrives, we'll bring out the rest of the boys' presents along with Maya's so they can open some with Maya. Just not sure how we will explain Santa coming by twice!

Oh, boy! Christmas is so much fun with little ones in the house!


  1. She's so cute. All our kids are cute. I can't say the same for me.

  2. Not sure where it came from. All our kids are cute.

  3. Darling, darling children! And the two boys together remind me of those days of exhaustion and exilleration all rolled up in one. Merry Christmas, Sheryl!