Thursday, May 17, 2007

2nd week into the break....

Time sure flies when you are having fun. This week I've spent nearly every day in my quilt studio. I have the top for the flannel quilt completed; now I just have to quilt it. The part I dislike the most is sandwiching the top, batting, and backing together and basting or pinning it. I just want to get on with the fun part - the quilting! I also stuck another little project in the middle. I'm making place mats for the table in the kitchen. The purchased ones we have were very nice until we washed them. There is very little quilting on them, so the batting has bunched all up in places. It you set your plate just right, it rocks back and forth! :( Unfortunately I didn't go for something just simple that could be made in a day. They are made with a technique called Cotton Theory. You quilt them as you piece them, and they are reversable with one side being totally different from the other. I'll post pictures of them, too, when I'm done with them.

I did manage to get one thing done. There is a narrow strip of wall space between my living room door that leads into the kitchen and the door that leads to the screened-in porch. It was just the right size for a wallhanging I wanted to make. This fabric was purchased at a quilt show I went to in Paducah, KY a couple of years ago. I love the dyed gradations of this fabric. It looks just like suede, but it is cotton.

Sunday, Mark, Fernanda, and the boys came over for Mother's Day. Dylan carried a little gift bag to give me, but before I could even take it and open it, he had it out of the bag for me. He's so cute - he never can keep a surprise. :)

Today Fernanda came over to the house while the boys were in preschool. When she went to pick them up, I had to take Mom to the doctor for a check back on her hand. As I drove by the church where the boys go to school, Fernanda was still there. I pulled in by her car and waited for the boys to come out. As they did, I peeked around the end of my car, and when Dylan saw me, his face lit up like a Christmas tree, he RAAAAAN across the parking lot with his arms ourstretched, yelling, "Vovo Sheryl! Vovo Sheryl!" He leaped into my arms, and I thought, "I wouldn't take anything in the world for times like this!!!" I had talked to a lady earlier in the day who said how fortunate I was to have a relationship like this with my grandchildren. She said her boys didn't have any connection with their grandparents. That is so sad! I can't imagine having grandchildren and not being able to have a close relationship with them. Both the boys wanted so bad to get into my car and go with me. I had to explain to them that I had to take Great Grandma to the doctor, and Dylan said, "AGAIN?!" That cracked me up! I don't know where that came from. :)

I did take Mom back to the doctor today. All they did was take out her 3 stitches and tell her that the x-rays looked like her hand was healing well, and that took THREE HOURS! ARGH!!! It really irks me to go somewhere where no one thinks YOUR own time is valuable. NO one should have to sit in a doctor's office for that length of time! By the time we were there that long, we were both freezing, and Mom could hardly walk even though we got up occasionally and just walked around to keep our circulation flowing. They didn't do a thing for her that I couldn't have done myself. I certainly can take out stitches. I can't take x-rays, and if it hadn't been for that and wanting to be sure her bones were healing OK, I would never have stayed around that long. I think doctors' offices should have a policy whereby if you have to wait over a reasonable length of time, they should have to pay YOU! That seems only fair to me. I'll bet they would stop that over-booking. I hate feeling like I'm just part of a herd of cattle. That's what you end up being. Only cattle have it better - they can stand around a eat while they are waiting. All they need are a few blades of grass. You can't even take food or water with you in a waiting room. Thank goodness we each had a good book with us that we could read. But after THREE HOURS, your eyes are blurred, your seat is asleep and your bladder is bulging. Can you tell I got a bit irritated??? (Deep breath...)

Jeannine and Charles went car shopping today. She had planned to buy a car when I got there to help her, but with Charles' good job starting next week, they couldn't wait. They found a 2003 GMC Envoy (SUV) with 56,000 miles, a one owner car in mint condition. She sent pictures of it, and it looks brand new - has lots of bells and whisles. She is sooo excited and I'm soooo happy for them. They needed something that would easily hold two babies and be dependable during their snowy winters. They also needed something with air conditioning. Their temperatures have been in the 80s already. Since they have no air conditioning in the house, they can at least get cool in the vehicle.

After Charles' graduation, they had a huge cajun cookout at their house. Earlier in the week, she thought she might be going into labor. As it turned out, she was just dehydrated, and it made the Braxton Hicks contractions (those tightening feelings that occur during the later months) strong and painful. Throughout the whole weekend she didn't have a migraine or any more contractions. God is good!

Seeing that lilac bush at the end of their house reminds me of last year when I was there Mother's Day and had a bunch of pictures of Maya and I beside that gorgeous bush.

Jeannine, Charles, Maya, and Charles' dad all went to the park about 2 blocks from their house on Mother's Day. The day was warm and sunny. You have to listen close as Maya turns and walks away from the camera, but she does wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

She also knows her "flowers."

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