Saturday, May 12, 2007

One week into the break...

I can't believe that my break is nearly half over! Where did the week go??? I had such big plans to quilt all week, but the best laid plans.....Mom took a tumble in their front yard, ending up with three stitches in her left hand to repair a pretty nasty gash and 3 broken bones in the hand. Amazingly, it has slowed her up very little! The wound seems to be healing nicely, and the swelling is going down in the hand and wrist.

I did start on a quilt for Sophia. It was from a flannel quilt kit that I bought in Bozeman last year and had never taken it out of the bag. I'm not overly fond of working with flannel (makes my nose itch!), but this is so cute! I'm anxious to get it done. I'll post a picture here when I get it quilted.

Maya had her 18-month checkup, and the doctor was totally amazed at her ability to talk - in complete sentences. She was amazed that she could put things together - like the little disposable black thingy that goes on the otoscope (the instrument used to look in the ear). The doctor said Maya was very very smart, and she was glad that she was born into the family that she has. She knows that Jeannine will provide the necessary stimulation to keep her challenged.

Charles had his graduation ceremony today!! Woohoo! I know he is soooo glad - and Jeannine, too! I wish we could have been there. His dad was able to come for a visit. Charles has a great job waiting for him. This will cause a change for them that they have never experienced in their almost 9 years of married life.

It won't be long until I get to make my trip to Bozeman. I've been watching for an airfare that I thought I could afford. So far, I've not found one. I hope I don't have to bite the bullet and just buy. I may have to get a part time job when I get there to pay for the ticket!

I miss seeing the boys. I tried all week to meet up with them after preschool, but things kept getting in the way. Hopefully next week I'll get to see them. Dylan keeps asking to come to Vovo Sheryl's house. When you think about it, our house was his house for about 6 months, so I guess he just wants to "come home" for a visit.

Here is a picture of them a few weeks ago when they loaded up the last of their toys to take to their house.


  1. Beautiful photo of Jeannine and Daughter Majah. so sweet. what would we do with out'um
    Congradulations to Charles.Didn't know? he was going to school. nothing mentioned about his job and what he will be preforming.
    Jeannine seems? to be getting? along o.k. with this second baby she is carrying? Jeannine looks good!

    The news I have here in Wichita
    Geoffrey has a honda now. he is a junior at Heights High. Gary is a sopohmore at Heights High. Dad just bought Gary a new Ford Ranger. Gary goes to driver's clinic next Wednesday to take his driving test to acquire his real license right now he is on his restricted license and is anxious to get the real license.Geoffrey will graduate next year. Wow how time flies.
    Greg is applying for his private pilot license.
    Thanks for keeping me updated with your blog.
    I guess? you received the aerial pictures of Greensburg,Ks. what a horrific ordeal. and how we were spared here in Wichita.

  2. Sheryl,Jeannine have her baby?
    I don't see it on your blog.