Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching Up

I really must try to do better with this blog. So much water has gone under the bridge in a year. Last summer, 2007, I spent several weeks in Bozeman, MT, awaiting the birth of Jeannine's 2nd baby. She was born June 28 and nameed Sofia. I don't remember all the vital statistics a year later! But she is a beautiful little girl. Actually, she is not so little. She weighs 25 lbs. Her "big" sister is now 2 1/2 and only weighs 27 lbs. Sofia seems like such a big baby, but we are just so used to tiny petite Maya. Maya can even wear some of Sofia's clothes.

Right now I'm sitting in an extended-stay facility in Greenville, SC, keeping the girls while Charles and Jeannine are running last-minute errands before their house closes this afternoon at 1:00. Yes! They really did leave Bozeman after nearly 8 years. Charles has taken an engineering job here in Greenville. Jeannine will stay home with the girls for now. I'm so thrilled that they are now within a weekend's driving distance from us!!! Charles has been working for the last 2 weeks while Jeannine and the girls have been staying with us. When it came time for them to leave this week (after 9 weeks with us), it was like cutting off two right arms! Wow, how you get attached to grandchildren! I remember when Mark, Fernanda, and the boys moved back from Brazil almost a year ago. They stayed with us 6 months while looking for a house. We got so very attached to them, too. Of course, they are only about 35 minutes from our house now.

We were able to watch Sofia as she took her first steps, and now she is walking all over the place. I wish you could hear Maya talk. She is 2 1/2, but she sounds like a 12 year old. Tuesday evening, Maya was lying on the couch, and I leaned over her and quietly said, “I’m going to miss you when you go home.” She said, “Don’t be sad, Grandma.” “Well, I’m just really going to miss you.” Then she put her finger up to her lips and quietly said, “Shhhh”, and then she very tenderly touched my cheek, and said ever so quietly in her tiny little voice, “Shhh….Calm down, now.” I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud.

I sure haven't done much quilting lately. Actually, I haven't done much for months. Just too many other things going on in my life - work, for one. Monday the fall semester classes begin. I'll start lecturing bright and early Monday morning. I'm not overly fond of Monday classes, but that is the only day I could do it and have the room I needed. We are now in the new building and it is beautiful with nice big classrooms and all computerized. I no longer have to carry my own laptop and LED projector to class every day. They are all built in. We all have individual, private offices - well as private as you can get with a big window in the door. But it sure beats those tiny little cubicles we were in for over a year.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary to Jeannine and Charles today!! What a nice way to celebrate your anniversay - moving into a new house. Well, it is not "new", but it is a darling little older home that has been completely refurbished inside. It has a nice big front and back yard and is on a quiet street not far from downtown where Charles works. I know they are so excited. Now to just get the furniture out of storage and get it all in place - what a big job!

I did something soooo fun yesterday - I took an Amtrak train from Birmingham to Greenville!! I haven't ridden a train since I was in grade school. It costs less to take the train here than it does to drive these days. It only took slightly longer than driving it, too. And I even got a 15% senior discount! And I didn't have to fight that traffic through Atlanta - what a relief that was. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I even ate dinner in the dining car - a first for me. It was delicious, too. Trains have alway facinated me.

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