Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This N That

Hmmm....haven't been doing a very good job keeping up, have I? Oh well, I'll just keep trying. Don't want to give this up entirely.

There was some excitement in our ordinarily quiet neighborhood the other night. Guy said he thought he heard a crash or a booming sound. Shortly, a fire truck zoomed by followed by 3 police cars. My curiosity got the best of me. I put my coat on, grabbed my cell phone, and took off on foot up our street to the north. I called my sister because I needed to talk to her about something anyway. I told her what I was doing. I didn't know what was up - whether there was a wreck or even possibly a shooting. I was probably nuts out there in the dark, not knowing what was happening. The emergency vehicles seemed to be just over the hill, so I couldn't see anything except the reflection of the lights. As I neared the top of the hill, I could see that all the commotion was around a house on the left side of the street just beyond an empty lot. Several seemed to be out with flashlights shining around on the ground. Oh, no, I thought, "Oh great! They are probably looking for shell casings!" So I turned around and headed back home. I saw a lady across the street that seemed to be coming back from near the site. I asked her if she knew what was going on, and she didn't. I saw a car backing down the street from the site. By the time I got to the house on the corner where the car turned in, no one was outside. So I went on home. But once again curiosity got the best of me. I went out again. This time there was someone outside the corner house, and I went over to talk to him. He said there had been a car wreck. A teenage girl lost control of her car at the top of the hill. She took out a mailbox on the left side of the street, traveled across the empty lot, and took out 3 cars parked in the driveway of the home next to the empty lot! He said the night before he had been out in his backyard grilling when he saw this same girl run the stop sign at his corner, going about 60 mph. He watched as she came back by, and he went out to stop her. He told her she needed to slow down - he had small children that were often outside. She told him to buzz off in words he couldn't repeat. The next morning as I left for work, I drove by the house. I saw three very late-model vehicles in the drive. One was turned around backwards with the left rear fender completely smashed in; one had damage to the right rear fender, and I couldn't see what the other side looked like. Then there was a pickup that was about one-third of the way into the garage - only the garage door was down!! It was not a pretty sight!

Today it actually sleeted for about an hour. At 5:30 pm. the thermometer outside says 46 degrees, but it feels more like 26. Enough of winter, already!! I'm ready for summer - have been since December.

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