Saturday, May 21, 2011

Days in South Carolina

Well, the day at the strawberry patch was quite fun and yielded some very delicious fruit. I found my favorite strawberry cake with strawberry frosting on the internet - just like the recipe I remember baking before from the recipe I had at home. Yum! It was SO good!!!

I've been spending my days and nights sewing, sewing, sewing. Jeannine and I make a good team. I like to do the boring sewing of the Busy B Bags, and she like to do the creative work of appliqueing and embellishing. We pretty well got caught up with the orders she had, so yesterday she began pulling fabric from her drawers and put together mock-ups for 21 bags. Around supper time, I started cutting them out and finished by about 10:00. Here are some of the pictures of the mock-ups.
A I said that is just some of the bags. This afternoon, I sewed all the shells together, and when Jeannine comes back from her college friend's birthday party tomorrow, she will have her work all cut out for her.

A very cute and quaint consignment shop (which also sells new things) here has agreed to sell her bags in her shop. Jeannine is very excited about that!

Jeannine chose this very brightly colored fabric and an Amy Butler bag pattern. She doesn't "do" patterns, so I agreed to make it. Now you have to understand that I do NOT cuss - I don't even use slang, but this critter-of-a-bag nearly brought me to it!!
I know. The bag looks very simple. Well, there was this one step where the lining was being attached to the outer part at the side openings that nearly did me in. My eyes were watering and itching; I was sweating and had to remove my jacket. Up to that point, Jeannine was taking pictures of the steps, but when I got to that point and said, "This bag is a one-and-done!" she stopped the pictures and decided that wouldn't be one she would try on her own afterall. We ended up laughing and felt plum giddy as the late hours approached. I called it quits for the night. I did go back the next day and finish it. Now she totes it everywhere, luuuuuvs it, and gets great compliments on it!! I'm happy for her.

This afternoon I finally got to work on a little bit of handwork I brought with me. I think I'll get back to it.

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