Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today was my last day at work. I've been so excited for this day to come and then, when I got there, it was kind of sad. :( I worked all last week to clean out my bookselves, my files, and my desk. Yesterday I loaded all my boxes in the car, so I could just enjoy today. A few lonely notebooks left to take out.

We had our final faculty meeting of the semester (more final for some of us than others!). Then they had a retirement luncheon. The nursing director of our campus, Suzann Dupree, came the same day I did, and we shared an office for a time. She also retired today.
For years I've made a quilt whenever a faculty member retired. So I couldn't let this one pass. I surprised Suzann with this.
I had started a project some time ago writing little sayings on fabric thinking someday I might use them. I took some of them along with some squares that faculty members wrote on, and put them together with orange and blue because Suzann is a MAJOR Auburn fan. (Thought it would have been better to work in crimson and white, myself!) But she was thrilled with it.
Here's the label.
The food was great, and the fellowship was even better. When it was all over, my last task was to turn in all my keys. After that, I went from office to office for the hugs and the tears. *sniff* Then I gathered by purse and walked out for the last time. Oh, yes, I'll go back to visit now and then, but it will never be the same. They will go one with their lives, and now I begin a new chapter in mine.
This is Richard along with Suzann and I. He was my "next door neighbor." I'll miss him a lot. He teaches med-surg students while I taught the same group of students maternity nursing. We had some fun times coordinating that clinical schedule!! Suzann's grandson was at the luncheon today and when Richard walked in he said, "Oh, look! There's Santa Claus!! :)
Here's Diann with us. She has been waiting a long time for me to retire so she could teach maternity nursing. Well, you got her now!! :)
Two more very special people. The one saying, "Cheese!" is Gena. I helped her in the physical assessment labs for several semesters. Anita is another med-surg instructor and a lovely lady (even if she is an Auburn fan, too!).

Going to spend some time with the grandkids over the next few days. Now I'll have more time to keep this thing up. So much has happened over the last week in our state. Will have to speak to that later.

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