Thursday, June 27, 2013

So Blessed

Once again, as Guy was preparing to heat up something for supper, there was a tap at our door.  There was another member of our Sunday school class with a load of food!  I just don't know how to tell you how much these people mean to me.  They are such a blessing.  We are enjoying every morsel!

I've now got one week under my belt - 7 to go.  I'm not really crossing off days yet - just too many of those.  7 weeks sounds a lot better than 49 days.  I guess I see just a tiny bit of progress each day.  I've been off the narcotic pain pills for 3 days now - except I did have to take one yesterday afternoon.  I just couldn't get comfortable enough with the Ibuprofen. 

This morning I was in my W/C in the kitchen talking to Guy on the phone.  The door from the kitchen to the screened-in porch was open to allow Annie to come and go at her will for a while.  I was still in my pajamas, but had laid out my clothes in the living room near my recliner.  As I was talking, Annie SHOT out the door with one of my undergarments!!  "Oh, no!"  I screamed into the phone.  Then I had to explain what had happened.  I guess my scream startled Annie, and she dropped the garment onto the floor of the porch and stood there looking at me.  I hung up the phone, scolded her, hoping she would not pick it up and run on out into the yard with it, got my crutches, eased up to the open door, and v.e.r.y carefully eased my way down the small step.  I haven't walked with these crutches except to get from the W/C in the hallway into the powder room off the kitchen.  I'm just not steady enough on them yet, and the jarring bothers my left hip.  I was able to sit down on the little wicker coffee table and retrieve my prize - or what Annie thought was her prize.  That little booger!  One of her favorite things to do is to grab one of the hand towels hanging in the kitchen and RUN out the door into the backyard with it.  But I still love her...... :)

I will be so glad to be able to sleep in my bed again.  Just not sure how soon that will be.  My side of the bed is the side away from the door that leads into the master bath.  I've been having to get up one or two times during the night, and I'm just not ready to try to stumble around the end of the bed and make a little S-curve to get into the bathroom - in the dark.  Plus, a few days ago, Guy said the toilet in that bathroom "blew up."  Something went wrong to cause it to run water all the time.  So he just shut the water off to it until he can get a part to repair it - probably this weekend.   His honey-do list seems to be growing as we speak.  So, I continue to wrestle this recliner through the night.  Sometimes my tail bone just screams, "Get off me!!"

Until next time....

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  1. Glad you are coming along. Sounds like you're being well cared far, but if you need anything, just give me a call. Anything. Food, fabric, walk Annie (she's so cute), anything. Praying that te days of healing pass smoothly.