Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Results of Oncology Visit and the Plan.....

It was a long morning from waking until 11:30.  We did go to breakfast at one of my favorite places there – Einstein’s Bagels.  I’m not usually a bagel person, but they have the BEST bagels and so many varieties there!  I always get the cinnamon raisin with honey butter.  I usually take home the chocolate truffle one, but they were out today.

As we were driving to the appointment, about 10 minutes from Mark’s house, I was just a bit nervous for just a minute or so, but then it left, and I felt calm.  This spot had a red line around it this morning, so it was quite angry with me – I wasn’t real happy with it myself!  😀  

This spot is to the right of my flap - right up against it.  My ear (unseen) is around on the left side.

It is to the point now that it is hard to get in a position to sleep without impinging on it.  When I got up this morning, it was kind of aching.  It is no longer flat, but is a lump now.

When Dr. Powers came into the room, he looked at it and said, “We can do one of two plans.”  The first plan is to do radiation.  We would continue the chemo, but at a much reduced dosage, in order to reduce the toxicity of the radiation.  He said they could radiate it at an angle which would protect the brain cells.  I told him that would be good, because at my age, I didn’t have any brain cells to spare.  He said that was a valid concern, but they had ways to do that to minimize that issue.  He said the radiation usually last 6-8 weeks – Mon-Fri. 

The 2nd option was to add another chemo agent – Avastin.  He said this was a commonly used agent that targets blood vessels and vascular problems.  I asked what his gut feeling was about the two, and he thought either one would work.  He first wanted Dr. Massey to see me if she was available.  She’s the head of the radiology department.  He left the room and came back with her shortly.  She looked the whole situation over and said she thought we could get good results in 2 weeks, and she said she was not worried about the toxicity.  I was encouraged after hearing her.  She seemed really upbeat and confident about it.  He said he thought this was a good way to go.  I asked how soon they could get this going, because this thing was growing fast.  Dr. Massey said she would get on the phone immediately.

I told Dr. Powers when I first found out the diagnosis, I didn’t read extensively on it.  A part of me wanted to ask him about my real future, but a part of me didn’t really want to know if there was not a cure, because I didn’t want to lose my hope.  He said he felt we had “a lot to be positive about.”  He said he hadn’t near used all the medications that were available.  Guy asked if this was a long drawn out thing, and he said, “Yes.”  So, it’s not going to be over with just a few months of chemo.  It’s like Guy said, “We’ve got the chemo and the radiation – and prayer will have to take care of the rest.”

Dr. Powers was very happy with the way the rest of my head looked, the other places have virtually disappeared.  The top area has not disappeared, but he was pleased with how it was healing and had not gone backwards.  This current spot was not a NEW place, but a flare up of one of the original sites.  He didn’t feel like the two weeks off of chemo in March had anything to do with it, and it was not due to the reduced dosage because it showed up before that.  I told him that with this reduced dosage, I was feeling better – had more energy.  So hopefully that will continue over the next few weeks.  Dr. Massey said the side effects of radiation would be some reddened skin and fatigue – I might feel a little lazy in the evenings.  No nausea, vomiting, etc.  That’s a good thing!

I’m OK with the plan.  I kind of figured this would be the recommendation because of the email Dr. Powers had sent me.  As long as there is a plan they are comfortable with, and they feel it will work, I’m up for it.  Just anxious to get it started before this thing gets any bigger or deeper.  I’m now just waiting for them to call me.   

Again, I want to thank all of you who rallied around me with your prayers.  There is just no way to express my gratefulness.  Prayer is SO very much a part of my whole healing process.  God richly bless all of you!!!!!!

And as always……I’m in His hands…..

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