Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter in Bozeman

Winter arrived in Bozeman loooong before it ever got here. They have winter there about 9 months out of the year. I don't think I could ever get aclimated to that! But Maya is ready with the hat I knitted for her for Christmas. At first, she didn't like it.

Then she realized how soft it was and began to smile.

Here she is in a little fuzzy jacket and jeans outfit I got her. So she is ready for winter.

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  1. Hi -- I enjoy seeing your pix. The kids are all SO cute. How fun for you.

    You were talking about how cold it was there. I guess I didn't think it got that cold that far south.

    We had snow here today -- finally -- the first time this winter. It snowed several inches, then sleeted on top of that so it's rather ugly out right now. We made it to church this morning -- visited a different Nazarene Church -- then came in for the rest of the day. Ken is watching football playoffs so I do whatever.