Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's going to be a girl!!!

Jeannine had her 20-week sonogram yesterday, and it's a girl!!! She was just sure she was carrying a boy, because this pregnancy felt so different from when she was carrying Maya. I asked if the baby was in a good position to see. She said that she was not in the best position, but the lady said she had only been wrong once in 16 years. You know, sometimes these girls turn out to be surprise boys. Boys are seldom misdiagnosed, but sometimes the girls are boys that are just hiding. But being wrong only once in 16 years is pretty good.

I was all set to get out my blue fabric and start on those baby quilts this weekend. But I guess I'll hold onto it a little longer. I've made so many quilts for Maya, they hardly have room to store them. Jeannine is very excited. She said that it truly didn't matter, because she just adores Maya, and thinks that little sweet cuddly girls are wonderful. She didn't think she was quite ready for a rowdy little boy anyway. I reminded her that sometimes little girls can be rowdy, too! :) Mark told her she wasn't a real parent until she had raised a little boy. :) Either way, we are just thrilled!!! We're glad to finally be able to refer to the baby as "her" now rather than "it."

They checked out the rest of the baby, too - the legs, arms, spine - and all seemed to me just fine. I think we've all been a little anxious about that with all the medication she has had to take for her migraines. She is really battling them with this pregnancy. She can't take the preventative medication or the meds she takes when she usually gets them. Boths of those medications are incompatible with pregnancy. I just hope they don't continue the whole pregnancy. As the last pregnancy progressed, they lessened.

They have had a lot of snow in Bozeman, and it has been extrememly cold. Earlier in the week, she went out to drive the jeep and it wouldn't start. She hates to drive her Civic in the snow. She just doesn't feel safe in it. Today she got the jeep out of the shop after $400-$500 worth of work. She stopped at a store, came out to get in the jeep, and it wouldn't start!!! AARRGGHH!! I don't know how many times they have had that vehicle worked on, and nearly every time, it continues to act just like it did when she took it in. It is a 1994 and has over 200,000 miles, so I guess it might be on its last leg. She really depends on it though because they have so much snow there, and she just feels safer in a big 4-wheel-drive vehicle. With two little ones, a husband and a dog, she is going to need more than a little Civic. I know after driving my SUV for nearly a year, I don't think I can ever go back to a car. For one thing, they are soooo much easier to get in and out of. You sit up higher, so your view is better. Mine drives just like a car. Acura builds theirs on a car frame. I understand why the SUV is so popular.

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