Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine's Day in Alabama

Here is our Valentine's Day snow storm!! OK, I know some of you are thinking, "Yeah, RRRRIGHT! She doesn't have a clue!" Well,'s a big deal here!! When I came out of my room Wednesday morning, they boys had their coats on and couldn't wait to take me outside to show me the snow. This is the first time the boys have ever seen snow. Fernanda had asked Jeannine to send some video clips of it snowing there, so the boys would know what it looked like coming down - thinking that they would never see it here. Now I must admit that the flakes were very tiny. One talk-show host said he had seen bigger flakes on his shoulders! At one time it was really coming down - for a very short time. If fact, it is a good thing I took the pictures when I did, because by the time I turned around twice, it was only a few drops of water on Mark's car.

I got the boys cupcakes with pink and red sprinkles on them. I think Chris enjoyed his the most - or at least we enjoyed watching him eat his the most. (You can click on the picture to really see his face.) I never made it a habit of having dessert for our meals, but since the boys have come, I try to have a little treat for them. I started by telling them that if they ate all their food, I would have a surprise for them. Now, after every meal, they want to know if I have a surprise. Dylan will always ask what the surprise is. I always say, "Well, it wouldn't be a surpise if I told you!" They have come to think that the words "surprise" and "dessert" are synonomous.

Here is the video of Chris and his Valentine cupcake. When Grandpa takes a bite, you can hear Dylan gasping in the background.

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