Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just Trying to Catch Up

Whew! I can't believe it has nearly been a month since I added anything here. I got several new pictures and thought at times I should post them, but just too much else to do.

These are some pictures Jeannine sent of Maya at 14 months. She got a big kick out of wearing her daddy's boots. I think Mama and Daddy got a bigger kick out of it!

Here she is reading again. She really loves her books. I enjoy so much the little videos of her reading. Of course you can't understand a word of it, but she sure is intent.

Here she is at 15 months, and Jeannine at 19 weeks.

Here is Jeannine and Maya (reading, of course) on their new leather sofa. I think it is the first new piece of furniture she has ever had. There is a love seat to match. They are beginning to see an end to this long tunnel of school and a job for Charles just around the corner. It was one of those 12 or 18 months of no interest things. That's the only way we buy things, too. Several years ago Guy and I were all set to order a new leather sofa, love seat and easy chair. Just as we were about to place the order, we got the results of our taxes for that year. We owed nearly to the penny what the furniture cost, so, needless to say, we are not sitting on leather furniture today!

A couple of weeks ago, Mark took the boys to enroll them in soccer. Here is Dylan playing in the park beside the enrollment place.

Here is Chris. It was terribly cold that day with the wind blowing, so they didn't stay long. They went into the outfield of a nearby baseball field and kicked the soccer ball for awhile.

Here are all four of them. Even though it was a very pretty sunny day, they were about to freeze.

Mark told the guy at the soccer signup that even though Dylan was 5, he had been playing soccer in Brazil for 2 years, so they signed him up to play with the 7-8 year olds. Then a week later they all went to this big field to try out. There were about a hundred boys there. The main guy over the whole program was really impressed with Dylan even though he was the smallest one out there. The man's friend, who is going to be an assistant coach, had his wife there watching, too. She said to her husband, "Did you see that little Dylan??!!!!" Apparently he made quite a showing. They won't start the actual practices until March. Hopefully it will be much warmer then. Mark is going to coach also. He is really looking forward to that. He went to all of Dylan practices and lessons in Brazil, so he knows all about how to coach. If you know anything at all about Brazil, you know that Brazil and soccer are nearly synonyms. Chris was too small to even play in Brazil, so he will jsut be learning to basics. I'm looking forward to watching them practice and play their games. I've heard of "soccer moms", but I guess I'm going to be a "soccer grandma."

This is a picture of Dylan and his soccer class in Brazil. He's the one on the left and as you can see, he is the smallest in his class there, too. This was taken about a year ago. I couldn't find the picture of him guarding the goal. That picture is so cute because his shirt is waaaay too big for him, and his shorts come down over the top of his knee socks. His socks are so big that the heels can be seen coming up the back of his lower leg above his shoes tops.

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