Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Roads Trips

Yesterday Guy drove me to Tuscaloosa - which is really nice of him since it is his day off, and he makes that drive Monday through Thursday to work there.  One of my favorite quilt stores, Sew Delightful, is there.  They recently moved from where they were to a new location (actually just across the street), and this weekend was their grand reopening.  The old location was broken up into rooms, and this place is all open on one big room.  To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed.  I think part of it was the fact that I was in my wheelchair, and I could not get down more than 4 short aisles.  So there were some things that I couldn't even get to to see.  They were terribly nice and offered to get anything for me that I wanted, but it just wasn't quite the same as being able to walk all around by yourself.  In the old location, all the notions and thread were in one spot, and now they are kind of here and there.  I think the inventory is not as large either.  I did pick up some fabric to make the girls some cute little skirts, and they will look cute with some little T-shirts with matching embroidery.  I'm anxious to go back when I'm on my feet and can move through all parts of the shop.  It will probably look totally different to me then.

Before we went to the quilt shop, we went to the Waysider for breakfast.
It is a completely Alabama little hangout that is very popular.  They have good old-fashioned breakfasts.  By the time we got there, I was more than ready to eat.  I actually had the shakes.  I'm used to eating pretty quickly after I get up in the mornings.

After we finished at the quilt shop, we headed to - of course - Dreamland BBQ to eat lunch.  
We can't seem to go to Tuscaloosa without eating there.  We have a Dreamland in downtown Birmingham, but it's just too much trouble to travel there, even though it is closer.  We don't go downtown unless we just have to.

After we got home and rested a bit, we loaded up Annie and headed for Pet Smart to get Annie's nails trimmed.  Boy, they sure grow fast!  We bought a grinder shortly after we got her, but so far we've never been able to hold her still enough to use it.

This morning Guy took off early to go to his favorite store right now - Simmons Sporting Goods in Bessemer.  He bought a pair of pants and a shirt.  He also found some Merrils ridiculously on sale and picked up a pair of them.  When he got home, he was showing me the shoes and noticed that he picked up the wrong size!  Bummer!  Our plans were to go downtown (didn't I just say we don't go there unless we have to?  Oh, well....) to the Pepper Place Farmer's Market.  I've been dying to go back there all summer.  When it first opened this year, I had told the ladies at my favorite jewelry booth (the same one I passed out at from the heat last year), they wouldn't see me the rest of the summer because I was having surgery. 

We stopped by to pick up my sister on the way.  
The sidewalks were not exactly wheelchair friendly, but I made it around where I wanted to go.  It was nice to see my jewelry ladies again.  Needless to say, they have never forgotten me!  Their inventory was down a bit - I suppose it is nearing the end of their season, so I didn't get anything this time.  Plus, I just couldn't get close enough to really take a good look at what they had.  Their booth is up on a curbed area, so I couldn't look at the sides of the booth.  I was kind of looking for a necklace with a little owl on it that matched some earrings I got there.  
Neither Guy nor Colleen could see anything like what I was describing.  So I just saved some money and moved on.  I did find a nice big loaf of sourdough raisin bread that I couldn't resist in the food area, though.

After leaving there, we went straight to Bessemer so Guy could exchange his shoes for the proper size.  That only took a few minutes, and by then it was lunch time.  Well, if you are in Bessemer at meal time, there's really only one place to eat, and that is the Bright Star.  So guess where we ate?  
The coconut pie was heavenly!!

We finished up the day at home, except after supper, we went to grocery store.  I got the fixings for salsa and made it with my Ninja.  That was easy!!  
I probably hit it one too many times, because I like it a little chunkier, but it was good.  Wonder if I'll ever get this onion taste out of my mouth?!

Where has the weekend gone?  They do fly by.  Looking forward to Sunday school and church in the morning!!

More gifts....

19.  Tomatoes from my garden

20.  My dear husband who cleaned out the bottom of my refrigerator tonight.

21.  Only 3 days until my next doctor's appointment - when I might, just might get my cast off!

22.  My dear next door neighbor, Angie, who called me out of the blue to ask how I was doing, that she was at Walmart and could she bring me anything?


  1. I've never heard of the Waysider! I guess I'm adding that to my list of places I would like to go!

  2. It's not really a place you would just stumble upon and think, "Oh, that looks like a nice place to eat." But it really has good food. A part of the culture of A-Town.