Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Happenings

I woke up this morning at 4:24 and could not go back to sleep.  For some reason, my wheels just began to turn and would not stop.  I hate it when that happens.  I often stir when Guy gets up about 4:30, but usually have no trouble going back to sleep.  But not this morning!  So I got up about 5:30 (2-3 hours earlier than usual) and got my shower and washed my hair.  After breakfast, I started on the laundry, and had 3 loads done by about 11:00.  Now, that's good for me lately!  Of course I had to take a morning nap.  :)  But that's OK.  It seems to be a normal happening for me any more - sit in the recliner - dose off!

It is T-minus 6 days and counting until the next doctor's appointment when I see if the cast goes, and I get my boot.  Hoping, hoping, hoping......  I've been trying to use the knee scooter a little more to build up some strength in my hips, but it is just so uncomfortable on my right knee.  I wish all I had to think about was my foot and getting it going again, but the "cloud of this knee" hangs heavily over my head all the time.  ARGH!

I got three pesky mosquito bites again today - in the house, no less.  And it just flew by me again, and I missed it!!

Last evening for supper I made Pioneer Woman's Simple Perfect Enchiladas and Garlic Lime Cilantro Rice.  It turned out really well, and it was actually better today as warmed leftovers for lunch!  I love it when it turns out like that.

More Gifts....

17.  Dark chocolate!!!

18.  Face-timing with the girls in their new dresses I made for them that just arrived today. They were beaming and told me what other colors they like and what designs they like on shirts. Now I must get busy! :)

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