Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some things are easier than others.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I ventured out with my walker and boot into our screened-in porch.  The fresh air felt so good.  The weather has actually been pretty nice this week - little lower humidity.  I sat in my favorite place - my porch swing.  After retiring, I spent most spring and fall mornings out here, because it is just so peaceful.

In previous years, Guy has aways put out hummingbird feeders right at this corner of the porch, and that has been so much fun to watch.  But this year, for some reason, he just didn't want to keep up with them.  I've seen a few, through the kitchen door occasionally, come around that hibiscus plant you can see there at the corner, which at the current time has no blooms on it.

Annie certainly was happy to have me out there.

This morning I was finally able to get a shower and scrub that nasty leg and of mine.  MAN, did that feel good!  When I got out and dried it off, I rolled enough dead skin off that thing, you would have thought someone had crawled into my trash can and died!  And there is still lots to go, but that is for another time.  I lotioned it all up, and let it dry a bit before having to put on the support stocking.  Whew!  That took a good bit of effort - made me break out in a sweat!  But I got it and got all the straps fastened on the boot, and I was ready for the day.

It would sure be a lot easier to just reach for the wheelchair each time I have to get up to do anything.  In some ways it is a lot easier, and certainly a lot faster.  But I'm forcing myself to use the walker or crutches.  I'm trying to figure out what I can use and get the most natural gait with.  Believe it or not, it takes a good bit of concentration to walk as naturally as possible.  I can't put a lot of weight on that foot yet.  I started out with Mom and Dad's old walker.

While it does have wheels on the front, with all the throw rugs we have in the house, you do have to pick it up a lot or the tennis balls on the back roll up the rugs.  I can't seem to get much of a natural gait going with it.  So I asked Guy to get out another walker I had bought Mom - a Rollator.  

This seems to work better, and I can sit on the seat when I'm wearing out - and it doesn't take much!  Wow, I have so little stamina right now.  Discouraging.....

My living room is looking like a physical therapy gym.

I had high hopes of being able to use that rolling knee walker, but my knee just would not tolerate it for long.  With its wide turning radius, it was difficult to maneuver easily in the kitchen.  I hope I can sell it.  The wheelchair is rented, so it will go back soon.  I have a portable wheelchair stored upstairs, that I bought for Mom, but someone either has to push you, or you have to maneuver about using your legs, because the wheels are small.  You can't use your hands to propel yourself.  

I've tried using the crutches a little more now, since getting on my feet.  It seems that they might be the best to use since I seem to have the most natural gait with them.  I just feel a little safer and more stable with the walker. Those crutches also were Mom and Dad's. I knew that keeping all their equipment just might come in handy someday - and I was right!

More Gifts.....

28.  Quiet mornings to sit on the porch and have my devotions.

29.  A sweet soft companion to sit beside me.

30.  Two feet to help me keep my balance when I stand.

31.  Answered prayers.

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