Monday, November 21, 2016

Hair fixing (yay!).....biopsy report (boo!)....

When your hair is clean and fixed, you just feel better, regardless of anything else that is going on.  The bath lady came by this morning and helped me wash it – well, she just washed it, I didn’t really help. I just held over the sink.  But Guy did hold the dryer for me so I could use the brush in my good hand and get it dry.  Then I used the curling/straightening iron on it a bit.  I parted it on the other side so I’d have more hair to go to the left.  

From the front, you can’t really tell anything is going on other than a little thinness on the left side.  

From the right side, everything is perfectly normal.  

BUT then I turn to the right….well, come on shaved areas……what are you waiting on????  Hurry up and GROW!

I was feeling upbeat until the phone rang.  The dreaded phone call.  It was Dr. Rameo, and the biopsy report was back.  It was no surprise at all; I knew what the report would be.  It was angiosarcoma, just like the other two.  I asked about the margins, but she said there was no report on them.  She talked with Dr. Mammen about that and asked if he wanted her to call about it.  He said, “No, most likely I’ll be taking some more (tissue) anyway.”  He had already notified Dr. Przylecki (plastic surgeon) to give him a heads-up.  Dr. M had scheduled an extra day in the office for this Wednesday, so I could come then, or wait for a week from Thanksgiving.  I decided to see him Wednesday rather than wait another whole week.  However, since he was willing to have me come in a week later, he must not feel it is urgent at this time. Dr. Ramero had said when I was at the last visit Dr. M didn’t want to “keep cutting on me.”  That is why he wanted me to see Dr. Powers, the oncologist, right away.  But apparently he has changed his mind – or at least left it open for more tissue removal around this last one if he felt it was necessary.  I can’t think that it would be very extensive since it was so small and didn’t have the characteristic look around it.  AND because I caught it early and had it removed.

So now I just wait to see what Dr. M recommends Wednesday.  To top it all off, I’ve had a scratchy throat yesterday and today.  I’m pouring down the Zicam and E-mergen-C, hoping to knock that in the head.  It worked the last time.  I know my immune system must be low.  I must work at staying calm and not get stressed.  Stress will get me sick every time. 

Take a deep breath……listen to your music……and pray away the stress (and burny throat).

As always, I’m in His hands......

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