Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Update from today's doctor visit.....

Well, I think I kind of got some good news today.  I saw my cancer surgeon this afternoon.  He looked at this latest area, and felt it looked good, but he does want to schedule surgery to remove a good margin around it.  The good part of the news is that he thinks he can take what he needs, stitch the edges together, and not have to do a skin graft.  He doesn’t guarantee that no graft will be needed.  A lot is going to depend on what the PET scan on Monday shows and Dr. Power’s recommendation on Tuesday.  If the PET scan shows no hot spots, the surgery will be minimal, and I’ll go home the same day.  If it looks like he needs to take more, the plastic surgeon has already been told to be on standby.  There was a surgery opening on the 30th, a week from today, so I will not have to wait a long time.  Next Tuesday, I’ll get the call as to when to come in on Wednesday.  As we left, we scheduled the post op check up for that surgery to be Dec. 15.  Those office visits just keep getting scheduled further and further out.  Beginning to wonder if we’ll get home for Christmas…..

I was supposed to see the plastic surgeon for the 2 week check up on the 30th.  Now I’ll have to reschedule that.  I figured he would take the stitches out of the grafted area of my arm.  I can really feel those stitches pulling as that heals.

We are waiting now for Jeannine and her family to arrive.  Mark picked up the food for our Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods this afternoon.  It is in two big boxes out on the deck.  Thankfully it is cold enough that we can just store it there IF we feel like it is secured enough from neighborhood varmints.  His yard is not fenced in.  I don’t think we can get it all into the refrigerator.  I have not really seen any dogs in the neighborhood that are lose – other than ours when they go out.  I would hate to have spent all that money only to go out in the morning and see it scattered all over the backyard!!

Here’s wishing each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Be sure to count all your blessings; they are many even in the midst of your circumstances.  God bless each of you richly!!

As always, I’m in His hands…..

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