Sunday, November 20, 2016

Healing wounds and head coverings.....

Today, the home health nurse came by to change the dressings on my arm and leg. I'm amazed at the progress my arm has made just in two days. Up to this point I've had to take the nurse's word for it when she says it looks good. I've had my doubts, as you know. But today, I see lots of pink areas that I've not seen before. I'll show the progress from hospital until now. The 1st picture is in the hospital.

Here's the first picture I have and it was taken Nov. 8 just before i went home.  I think this was the 1st dressing change.  I thought it looked great,  It was pretty flat and even with the rest of my arm with good color.

This was the 1st picture at home, Nov. 10. Not a lot of change.

Here it is Nov. 10.  Here's where I had my doubts about the thing.  Looks pretty rough to me.  There's a good bit of pink across the middle.  The whole area is pretty sunken, especially on the elbow end.  I guess most of the swelling has gone out of it. Here's the classic example of it-has-to-get-worse-before-it gets-better I guess.  :)

This is today, the 20th.  I see lots more pink, especially on the wrist end.  The surface is pretty numb, so cleaning it and dressing changes are not painful.  The pain/discomfort comes if I try to bend it - which I'm not supposed to do yet.  My finger exercises that the OT gave me are limbering up my fingers a good bit.

 My leg is doing well, too, but it's just pretty much still "raw meat" looking. Anyway, I'm encouraged about the wounds healing. 

I hoping tomorrow to get my hair washed again.  I think those two stitches from the last removable will be healed enough. 

I've just been struggling to find satisfactory head covering for when we go out. I can walk into the hospital with this bare head full of healing stitches and not care too much, but don't really feel comfortable boldly sitting in a restaurant or walking down a grocery store aisle.  You just don't expect to see something quite this traumatic right in your face in public places.  Pretty much the hats I've gotten so far are nice, but even the softest is just a little too much pressure on the tender stitches yet.

So today I got a pretty, long, light-weight scarf to just kind of drape over my head and around my neck when we go out in public. The scarf covers the bare part of my head and is much more comfortable. I just kind of look like I'm trying out for the part of Mary in a Christmas play.    Soon, I'll be right in style with the season!

As always, I'm in His hands......

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