Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Most Beautiful Day!!!

This morning we awoke to a different feel in the air.  What was that???  Could it be just a hint of fall???  It was great!  We were waiting for the mosquito man to come by to spray, so we can once again enjoy the outside.  We had a particular company come last year, and it seemed to work well, but this year, whatever they were using just didn't work.  I had to call them back during one of the months, and the guy did come and respray without charging us, but it still didn't work.  When he did not come back or call this month, I was glad.  I didn't want to tell him that I didn't want his services anymore.  So I called another company.  He came this morning about the time we were getting ready to leave.  His method was completely different from the other guy.  AND his fee was $15 cheaper!  We were pretty much gone the rest of the day, so tomorrow I'm going to test it out on the backyard patio.

We left about 10:30 to watch our grandson, Chris, play soccer.  I had a birthday card and present to give to him.  I don't know when I've seen a more perfect day!!  The sky was blue, temperatures were in the 70s and there was a slight breeze - absolutely perfect!! It was nice to see the boys again.
 You can see that the place was very handicap friendly, too. I chose to wear my boot and take the wheelchair since I didn't know how far I might have to walk.

This week, I've graduated to a tennis shoe with crutches.  It's still rather painful to take an actual step - to bend my foot, but I keep trying.  I only wear the boot if I'm out and know I'll be doing a good bit of walking.

It was fun (and nerve-racking) to watch the "Game of the Year' - Alabama vs. Texas A&M this afternoon.  We sure started we often do, and then had to place catch-up.  But after we scored 35 unanswered points, they never caught us.  We stayed 2-3 touch-downs ahead until right at the last when we won by 7 points.  Whew!  I like it to be a game, but I like to stay comfortably ahead.  I guess we showed "Johnny Football" tonight, and that's what we wanted to do (or at least I did).  Now maybe the media will shut up a bit about him!!  Our quarterback played one of his best games (and he's a really nice guy, ON and OFF the field).

I spoke with Jeannine this week.  They had purchased several pieces of furniture from Ikea.  The price is right from there, but it comes in boxes, and you have to put it together.  She told me, "If I call home wanting a divorce, don't let me get it!"  :)  It came Thursday, and she had to work yesterday.  She went to work with a migraine (from all the weather fronts blowing through out there), and when she came home, a whole group of their friends had come over to the house earlier and helped Charles put all the furniture together.  She was just overwhelmed!!  That was so nice of them!

Looking forward to Sunday school and church in the morning.

More Gifts......

46.  Beautiful deep blue Alabama skies.

47. A slight breeze in my face and fresh air to breathe.

48.  My grandsons.  They are growing up soooo fast.  Sweet guys.

49.  My son.  He was under the weather today.  Please say a prayer for him.

50.  Jeannine and her family are safe from the Colorado floods.

51.  Having Guy home 4 days in a row again.

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