Monday, September 23, 2013

Some Good News Today

I went for another physical therapy appointment this morning.  Boy, Robert does work you hard!  He repeated some measurements of my foot that he had taken at the beginning, and there was a lot of improvement.  He said my foot was not quite 100% yet, and it would probably not be until I got my knee fixed.  He thought I should continue a little more therapy on the foot, and he's also working on strengthening the muscles around my knee.

This afternoon I went for my orthopedic appointment, and got good news.  He said the foot was doing great!  The x-rays showed it was healing fine, and I could get rid of all my stuff (crutches).  I told him that I thought, even though the foot was still a little tender, I probably could just walk on it without the use of assistance, but I still needed the crutches because of my knee.  I gave him the report Robert had sent with me, and he said that I could probably cut back to once a week on the PT.  He agreed that I needed to see someone about my knee, and he told me I was free to have the knee surgery whenever it could be scheduled. When I asked him, "If your wife were to need her knee replaced, who would you have do it?" he gave me three names.  Then I asked him to choose on of those three.  The doctor he named was the one I was leaning toward, so that seemed to answer my prayer.  In fact he said he would call him right then and set up an appointment for me.  As soon as I got to the car, I called this other doctor and made the appointment for next Monday.  While I was on the phone, I got a call, and when I hung up and listened to my voice mail, it was the nurse saying she had already called, and they would see me tomorrow at 1:00.  So we'll see what he says.  This particular doctor used to be in practice with Dr. Lemack, who is a pretty well known orthopedic surgeon who operates on famous athletes, but went out on his own.  Mark took Dylan to see him when he was having some issues related to soccer, and Mark was very impressed with him.  I'll try to schedule the surgery for November since there is still a possibility that we may go to Kansas for some time in October.

More Gifts....

56.  Bones that heal nicely.

57.  My grandson's 12th birthday.

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