Monday, September 2, 2013

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Saturday was the LOOONG awaited day - SEC college football!!!  It seems to take so long to roll around each fall.  Of course, we are huge Alabama fans!
I found the cutest applique embroidery pattern over the weekend from .  I'm going to put it on a shirt and, instead of monograming my initials, I'm going to have RTR (Roll Tide Roll) coming out of the trunk.  I'll probably do the body of the elephant in black and white hounds tooth fabric.
We watched football all day long.  Guy wanted to go to Simmons Sporting Goods in Bessemer, so I tagged along, and then we ate lunch at Bright Star.  That is where we started watching the first game.  12 hours later, I was a bit tired, but enjoyed the whole day - especially since our team won!! 
Sunday we enjoyed going to church.  I could not wait to WALK into church (with the help of crutches) - something I had not done for 12 weeks.  I'm sure Guy was happy to not have to haul the wheelchair in and out of the car as well.  It was nice to not have to worry about getting down the somewhat narrow aisles and stashing the wheelchair between the pews.  I was actually able to stand a bit now and then for the singing. 
I'm trying to walk more, using the crutches.  I still cannot put full weight on my foot - just too tender.  I've got to build up the other leg and foot as well, because it gets tired really quickly.  If I need to get around quickly or have to carry a bunch of stuff - like laundry, I'll revert to my portable wheelchair.  It sure is a lot easier using the wheelchair, so I have to force myself to walk with the crutches.  I'm faithfully doing my exercises the PT told me to do, but it sure is slow progress.  I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO DRIVE!!!
I've been working on cutting up my shirts that I got at The Foundry last Thursday.  Here are the piles of lights, mediums, and darks after washing and drying.

I would have had two more in the light pile, but Guy latched onto them.  They were his size and really nice shirts.  I spent much of Saturday during the games cutting.  Here is my stack at the end of the day.

It really takes a good bit of time to cut up one shirt because I first take off the labels with a seam ripper.  Some of these labels are really sewn on there well.  If it is black, and if often is, it is hard to see the thread to stick your seam ripper under.  Next I take off the little buttons if it is a button down collar.  Next I take off the pocket with a seam ripper.  Some come off easily and some not so easily.  Once you get them started, it doesn't take long, but that area at the top of the pocket which is sewn on so the pocket does not come loose, takes some time to get started without ripping a hole in the middle of the front panel.  After that, I go to the collar, then the cuffs of the sleeves.  I don't remove individual buttons (other than the ones that hold the button-down collar).  I just cut the whole strip of the shirt with the buttons intact.  I save that and cut a strip off the sleeve cuff to save those buttons, too.  This way, if you have a shirt with a button missing, and you just can't find one to match, you can replace all the buttons with a matching set saved from the ones you cut off.  I stuff all the fabric with the buttons in old empty Puff's tissue boxes - just because that's what I had on hand.  After that, I cut off the yoke, then the sleeves, removing all the seam allowances.  Then I cut the fronts from the back.  This will yield a good bit of fabric, especially if you can pick up mostly 2X-3X.  I just can't decide how to cut the salvaged fabric.  I know Bonnie Hunter has a plan for the sizes she cuts up, but I'm not that organized, and I generally wait to cut until I know what pattern I want to use and the sizes needed.  Just as sure as I cut them in 1 1/2  and 2 1/2 inch strips, I'd need a 3" square.  It's actually about as much fun cutting them up as it is to make a quilt with them.

Today we took Annie to the vet to get her annual shots and exam.  He said she was very healthy, but just a little on the top end of normal for weight.  She is 17.1 lb and should be about 15.  So we'll have to cut back just a bit on the food - or the treats.  We started out giving her a treat whenever she went out and did her business, but now she just likes to go outside to play and thinks she needs a treat when she comes inside from that.  It's really hard to refuse her when she sits there so patiently, looking at you with those big brown eyes,  anticipating the treat each time.  I remember our last dog, Maggie, learned the go-outside-and-get-a-treat very quickly.  She would beg to go outside, and immediately beg to get back inside so she could beg for a treat.  They are smart little boogers!

More Gifts....

32.  A nice long 4-day weekend for Guy.

33.  Slow progress for my foot.

34.  Trees still green outside my window.

35.  Slightly cooler temperatures.  It has been a really mild summer in the south.  Out highest temperature has been 96, and most days have been in the 80s to low 90s - just my kind of weather!

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