Wednesday, December 28, 2016

More of the journey....

This has been another basically good day for me.  Made it through a shower and hair washing without feeling like I would faint. We went out for lunch at Freddy’s.  Oh, I LOVE that creamy custard!!  Then I did a little Kohl's shopping - had an extra 15% off coupon.  I saved almost twice as much as spent. I needed some warm tops that open in the front for chemo days, so they can access my port, which sits under the skin on my left shoulder, about 3 findger-breaths below the far end of my clavicle – right under my bra strap. The incision is comfortable enough now that the strap does not bother it. Pretty much everything I had pulled over my head. Found two comfy zippered fleece ones. Paid a 3rd of the original price.  I love Kohl's sales!!

From Kohl’s, I needed to pick up some groceries before supper.  I had just a few things on my list, but always end up with more.  Shopping in this store seems to often wear me out, but today it WASHED . ME . OUT!  I got home and threw a "cowboy casserole" I saw on FB in the crock pot, and crashed in the recliner for a "long winter's nap."  By the way, that casserole turned out to be better than I thought it would. It was a hit with the boys, too.  (who came back this afternoon from their mom’s.  The leftover chocolate cheese cake from Christmas was still a hit with them, too!

Now we are just waiting for Jeannine and the girls to arrive for a week.  Can't wait!!  They are due in sometime this evening.

3rd chemo is tomorrow.  CAN wait!!  I'm anxious to see the results of the blood work they'll do prior to the infusion - to see if I'm more anemic.  I think this may account for the weak spells and less stamina I feel now.  My hemoglobin and hematocrit went down slightly last week.  (I was almost to get back to normal after the surgeries.)  There was a fair amount of drop in the lymphocytes, too – dropped from 30-10!  Not sure how significant that was.

I think I've learned to manage the shaky spells by eating more protein.  I eat a protein bar and drink a protein drink before bedtime, and I think that has helped me be less shaky in the mornings. I'm thinking that what I eat, and when, may have more to do with how I feel than the medications - at least where the shakiness is concerned.  I’ve continued to take the gabapentin at bedtime, and I’m wondering if the side effects of that decrease a bit as you get used to taking it.  The hot flashes have all but disappeared.  I may have 1-3 during the day – mild and short. What a blessing that is!!

I’ve devised a daily chart to keep track of things like energy level, shakiness, dizziness, fogginess, nausea (have had NONE so far!!!), appetite, hot flashes, elimination, day activities, medications, etc.  I’m also keeping a chemo journal.  These help me see if there is a pattern related to the chemo or the other meds I’m taking.  And it helps me with the questions I want to ask when I see the doctor or the nurse. Both of my near-fainting spells were the Monday mornings following the 1st and 2nd chemo infusions.  It may be totally coincidental, but we’ll see after the next chemo infusion.

My two wigs came today!  I’ve barely had time to just quickly try them on.  With my long hair still sticking out from under the quick try-on, it’s hard to tell how they will really look.  I think they are going to work just fine.  Pictures will follow later after I’ve had time to work with them a bit.

I finished crocheting Annie’s sweater, but I think it’s going to be too small for her.  I put it over her head, and when I tried to get her leg into the leg opening, she growled at me!  I may try to put her legs in 1st next time and then slip it over her head.  It seems to be a little stiff.  I had hoped it would be softer and stretchier.  I think I tend to crochet a little tight.  I make it out of plain Red Heart yarn.  This was pretty much an experiment, so I may try it with a little softer yarn when I get home and get to the yarns that I already have.


Overall, I must say that I've had a pretty good week for this stage of the journey.  I continue to REALLY appreciate all your prayers.

And as always……I remain in His hands……

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