Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Saturday

I started the day off going by the accountant. That is never fun this time of the year. HOWEVER, this time, the news was good! Wow! I was in shock when I found out we were getting a return from the federal as well as the state. Can't remember when that happened last. What a relief that was!

From there I went to a Bernina dealer for my machine's "Spa Day" treatment. What I really wanted done was for him to adjust my needle-down function. That was not a 15-minute "treatment." So I had to leave the machine with him for a full tuneup. I had not had that done for several years, so it was long overdue. When he heard it run, he got this frown on his face and said it definitely should not sound that noisy. I told him it had always made more noise that my old Bernina. I always figured it was because the new ones are made with a lot of plastic where those old ones were all metal. But, perhaps not. We'll see when I get it back from its check-up.

Here are a few pieces I picked up on the sale table. Can't resist a great sale, you know. :)
Not sure what I'll do with this little beauty. At first I was going to get one yard, but because it was $2 a yard, I told her to go ahead and give me two. But then I saw there was just a little left, so I just took it all. The color looks a little more coral in this picture than the pink it really is. Just thought it was a pretty springy color. That's a quarter on the fabric, so you can see the flowers are quite large.

This truly was a pretty light pink - a little lighter than a bubble gum pink. Taking the pictures at night inside I guess makes them look a little darker.

This fabric is a mottled light pink and light blue. Guess I must have been on a pink kick today. :)

I got 3 yards of this tannish color with white flowers. I thought it would make a good background fabric in a quilt.

This was such a nice bright springy green piece. It reminded me so much of the new grass shooting up in everyone's lawns. I needed to add some green to my stash.

Below are three more sets of fat quarters that will be the shells for Jeannine's bags. I now have fabric for 9 bags. Just need to sew them up and get them to her.

Changing gears just a bit, today I took my scrubs out of the dryer and hung them up for the last time.
This is the name tag I've worn for so many years. In the middle is my nursing school pin from Fort Hays State University where I graduated from nursing school. Got that in 1968 - that's been a long-time friend of mine. The little gold feet next to it - those are the feet of a 10 week's gestation baby. I know, technically, it is called a fetus, but if you click on this picture to enlarge it, take a look at those perfectly formed feet, and try to tell me that is not the feet of a BABY! Maybe I can do something with this badge and a shadow box - or something. Just hate to throw it in a drawer somewhere to never be seen again. It feels like it is a part of my body.

Until next time.....

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  1. Hi Sheryl. So nice to find you by your comment on my blog. Long time no see. Congratulations on your retirement. I know it's bittersweet. I retired from Oxmoor House in in 2001 when Time Warner offered a bunch of us early retirement if we'd leave. I look forward to reading more of your blog and catching up on what you've been doing. Retirement is great. Lots more time for quiltmaking.