Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to the Work Week

Saturday night when I went to bed, I wasn't the least bit sleepy. I thought,"uh,oh." what is going on? I got a cup on warm milk which always helps to make me sleepy when I'm wide awake. I even put a few dashes of nutmeg in it. I read this week that has something in it that helps to induce sleep. But no such luck. I read, I prayed, but sleep would not come. I kept thinking if I could just lie here very quiet long enough, I'd go to sleep. Every time, I'd just about get there, one of Mark's dogs would bark. I don't know what's up with them this time. They aren't usually barkers. I know what set them off early in the evening - fireworks at the Met - two different times. But in the middle of the night?! I kept thinking surely they would settle down and go to sleep, but they couldn't sleep either. FINALLY, at 2:40 a.m. I hit the floor, yanked open the back door, SNATCHED up both their beds, THREW them down in front of the TV in the living room and screamed, "GET ON YOUR BEDS AND SHUT UP!!" And I went back to bed. I never heard a peep out of them the rest of the night. But I still did not doze off until sometime after 5:30, and the alarm went off at 6:30. I thought back over what I had done the previous day. The only thing was I started back on the Allergra for my allergies, but took it about supper time. I didn't think that caused insomnia, because I had taken it for weeks when the allergies first started. But I did usually take it in the morning. I guess I won't be taking it anymore in the evening. I had had some tea for a late lunch that day, but I have a tea once in a while for lunch. Perhaps the caffeine and the Allegra ganged up on me together.

Church was great Sunday morning as usual. Had a great time at lunch eating with the Sunday School class at Olive Garden. They are just the nicest people in that class. It doesn't matter who you end up sitting with, you always have a nice visit.

On the way home from eating, I stopped to see Mom. She had been wanting me to do her nails. When I got there it looked like her nails had been done during the week. The polish she had on was not the usual polish I put on - it was darker. When I quizzed her about it, I didn't get a real staight answer. She didn't seem to be quite as sharp as she has been. So I removed the polish and trimmed her nails. It seems they really grow fast. All these years she wanted long nails and never could grow them. I guess now, she dosn't do anything to break them. So I trimmed them all up and repolished them. Just as I was finishing, a couple aides came in and chuckled saying, "Oh, you redid her nails! We just did them. Sunday is nails day." I said I thought they looked like they might have been recently polished, but she had been asking me all week to do her manicure. They may have polished them, but they didn't trim them. If they get very long, she gets dirt under them and can't get it out, so they really need to be kept short. I told her that her hair looked really nice. She had gotten it done the day before. She seems to be doing pretty well now, scooting her wheelchair up and down the halls by herself.

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