Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Samplings

I was on my way to church this morning when I remember a conversation with Mom yesterday about how much she missed going to her church. I told her she had church there where she lives, but she said it was not the same. I felt really bad for her. So this morning before I arrived at my church, I suddenly thought, "Why not go get Mom and go with her to the church where we all used to attend?" I quickly called Colleen and asked if she was on her way, and she was. I attend Sunday School while she goes to the early service. She liked my idea, and called SR to see if they could get her ready to go by 9:30. She called back saying they could. Colleen just turned around to go make sure when they got her ready, she would have on something nice. I told her I would meet her there. Mom can get into her low car easier than my van, but Colleen has no room for the wheelchair, so I picked up the wheelchair. Mom was so surprise and so tickled to get to go. Colleen had promised to take her out this afternnon, but Mom never dreamed she would get to leave so early.

We got to the church, and everyone was sooooo glad to see her. She (and we) got so many wonderful hugs. It was great seeing old friends again.

We were then going to take her to lunch. She couldn't decide where she wanted to go, and Colleen said she had to go home first and feed her (diabetic) dog. So rather than stand there in the (high-pollen) air, I told them to go on, and I would bow out of lunch this time. I really needed to just get home and stick my nose only in the house. Since getting that shot yesterday, I feel better, and I don't want to push it when the pollen count report for today is 11.5!!

At least the views from inside my house are nice. Here is another Japanese maple that I see from my kitchen.
Here is another rose bush. This one I see from my kitchen window. It is literaly exploding with buds and flowers.

Talked with Guy when I got home from church. He is trying to find a church in Greenville, SC, and he told me about the one he attended today. It is so hard to go and not compare everyone of them to our church here (which we dearly love). He thought this one today seemed to be the best out of the 3 he has tried.

I guess that's all for now. I really need to go review my notes for tomorrow's lecture, but I'd rather go sew on a quilt. Which one do you think will win??

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