Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a Beautiful Spring in Alabama

The sun was shining so beautifully this morning, and the warmth was calling me outside - for a few minutes at least - more on that in a minute. In the corner of our backyard is this gorgeous Japanese maple tree - one of a collection that my husband has nurtured over the years. I don't know the technical names of all the varieties he has.

Here is a smaller one with darker leaves, but just a beautiful. It really does have a beautiful shape, but the wind was blowing a bit making it look like the top is out of the left side, but it's really not.

This rose bush is loaded with pale pink roses, and it wants to take over our back fence, at least the south half of it. The stalk of this bush at the base looks more like a tree!

Here are the first two blooms on my red rose bush. This bush was planted at the same time as the pink one above, but it never has reached anywhere near the size of the pink one. Probably just a different variety.

Here are out little clematis purple beauties, and they are just blooming their little hearts out.

Here are some little potted babies that Guy is hoping I can keep alive while he is working away from home right now. I hope I can, too! I just love the lacey leaves of the biggest one.

Now, if I could spend some time out there in this nearly perfect temperature we are having, but alas, my allergies are keeping me a prisoner in my house. I'll probably pay for being out those few minutes snapping the pictures. I don't understand how all that beauty can make someone so miserable. ARGH! The South is gorgeous in the spring (and fall, too), but all this pollen sure makes a body (and soul) miserable!

I've battle a sore throat for a week now, so this afternoon I gave up and made my annual trek to the doc-in-the-box. Got a Z-pac, nasal spray (different from what I had been using), and a cortisone shot. I surely do hope that shot gets me over the hump with my eyes. I would be SO SO thankful if I could escape the occular rosacea this year!!!! He told me to use Claritin instead of Allegra since it was quite a drying.

Oh, my dryer has stopped so now I need to go iron several pieces of fabric. I'll have pictures of all that in the next post.

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