Friday, April 15, 2011

A Lot of Mixed Feelings Today

It seems my emotions ran the gamut today. It was my last day to have students on the mother/baby unit of Brookwood Hospital. I've been taking students there for over 20 years. Many of the RNs there have been former students of mine. It has been a great place to take students, and everyone has been so nice and helpful. So it was a little hard to tell some of them goodbye. One of the night nurses couldn't believe I was old enough to retire. She thought I was in my 40s!! Boy, I about hugged her! I didn't have as much trouble focusing this morning as I did yesterday. I guess it was because I was really busy today - on a the run constantly, so the morning went quickly. But as I walked off the unit at the end of the morning, I was thinking, "Ya HOO!!" If I had had a cap, I'd have thrown it in the air.

I was scheduled to take my Bernina in to have it cleaned, but the way the clouds looked and with the forecast of severe storms, I called to cancel it. She said she had an opening tomorrow, so I took that. I really don't like to schedule anything on Saturdays - that is my day of down time, and I don't even like to leave the house. But they had a special offer they called "Spa Day" for their machines, so I wanted to "treat" my machine. It has been awhile since I've had it serviced. For one thing, the needle-down function needs some adjustment. When the needle is down it is just barely in the fabric. I'd like to have it well into the fabric, so when you turn the fabric, there is no danger of it coming out.

As soon as I arrived home, the local weather man was wall-to-wall with tornado coverage. So that spoiled my whole evening. The enormous tornado that came across the Mississippi line was in a storm cell that came right at us. I spent a good bit of the evening in a bathroom with my pillow, radio, computer, and flashlight. At one point I heard a horrible noise. I ran to my kitchen window to see heavy marble-sized hail falling. That happened twice!! About 3 waves of storms came through. Finally the all clear occurred for us. The tornado in our area was JUST to the south of us. It was even closer to where my mother is in her skilled care facility. They had the residents all out in the hall. That facility sits high upon a hill. Not a place where I would have like to be this evening. They came through it all unscathed.

This weekend I have Mark's 2 golden reteivers. They've actually been pretty chilled this evening in the midst of all the storms. They've just been lying on their pads in the screened-in porch. Mark brought them over this morning. He took his oldest son to Memphis to a big soccer tournament. I'll be anxious to see how he does. Dylan is a dynamite soccer player. He's 9 but has always played with the older kids. His younger brother, Chris, is here at home in a tournament this weekend also.

Well, the ups and downs of this day have worn me out. Think I'll go to bed early. That's pretty bad for a Friday night. :)

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