Saturday, October 15, 2016

A fun day today.....

I was able to have some fun today.  It started by fixing us a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  I don't fix that often, but I know the boys (Mark's) enjoy that - and Guy *sure* does, because he doesn't get them often.  We ate kind of late and were in no real hurry - well, at least most of us weren't.  The boys got up late, and those who know me, know I've never been a morning person!  Guy was chomping at the bit to go, though.  We all piled in the car about 10:30 and drove to Sheels.  First of all, on the way past Dylan's high school, which is about 5 blocks from the house here, there is a humongous soccer complex across from the school.  I don't know who Sheel is, but he must have been a big deal around here, because his name is on this  first-class soccer complex.  I have no idea how many fields there are, but they seem to go on forever.

Anyway, we drove by that and went to what appears to be a fairly new big shopping area.  A part of that contains Sheels - a mega sports store.  I'd describe it as an Academy Sports on steroids or a Bass-Pro-Shop-type sporting goods store.  Outside the store are these life-size bronze statues. One is of George Washington, one of Thomas Jefferson, and others of men participating in various sports. When you enter the front door, you walk around and under this giant aquarium.  It is made up of three round containers that are probably about 8 feet in diameter and way taller than your head.  They are all connected overhead.  They are just spectacular!  

Just beyond that, is a full size ferris wheel!  Yes!  Completely enclosed inside this building - with sky lights all above it.  Magnificent!!

The boys went one way, Guy went another, and Sula and I another.  Sula and I found the Christmas room.  Oh, my!  It was SO beautiful! 

I loved this little room that had the whole wall full of these unique puzzle picture frames.

Then there was the cute little music box.  It had the tiniest little train that went round and round.  I put my fingers up there so you could get an idea of the size.

Well, it won't let me load a video!  Bummer, but it was really cute!

The candles smelled REALLY good.  I don’t remember the brand, but so often candles that you think will smell good, really do not.  But all these smelled soooo good.  My favorite was Autumn – it was kind of a mixture of apple cider and pumpkin pie.  I almost bought that one.

Then there was this sign.  It was over a yard tall and probably 2 feet wide.  I fell in love with it.  Wish I had it hanging in my home.  Of course, I don’t know where I’d put it, since it would need a really special place in just the right big home.  The size of it would over-power our little humble abode that we have now.  But I sure liked what it said.

As we walked out of that area, here was this!  I've never seen anything so life-like and not be real!!  He had some good things to say, too.

Oh, fiddle!  Another video!  I'll have to figure out how to add videos. I know I've done it, before. 

Guy finally called wanting to eat in the café that was in the back of the store.  Here I thought a big breakfast would tide us all over until dinner time.  Well, what was I thinking?  We have these two teenage boys along!  :)  So we had sandwiches and soup, and topped it off with cups of gelato. 

And of course we could not get out without going by the fudge counter.  Oh, dear!  Fudge of every imaginable kind.  By the time I had chosen the 3rd one, she said, “If you buy 4, you get 2 free.  Well, that was good enough for me!  I chose chewy praline (ended up being my favorite), Health chocolate, Snicker fudge, peanut butter explosion, pumpkin spice, and s’mores. 

This picture, by the way was taken after we had been home and several had sampled all of them. :)

We just had a great time in there and didn’t see even a 10th of it!  We’ll have to go back.

I took Sula and the boys back to the house because Sula had a manicure appointment.  I left Guy at the store, and he ended up down the street at Stein Mart when I went back to get him.  Sometimes I go into Stein Mart and don’t see anything I like.  Other times, I like everything they have.  Today they had a big 12-hour sale.  But for me, it was just too overwhelming – too many things that I liked, but not enough time to go through it.  And I just wasn’t up, emotionally, to shop (that's a rarity!).  But, hey, what was I even thinking considering any of it???? I can’t get another garment in my closet back in LR.  Guy came out with a bag of bargains, but his closet is even worse than mine!  He can’t get what he already HAS in his closet!!  If one goes in, one has to come out – thrift store, when we get home, here we come again!

When we got home, it was left-over night. We had half-sandwiches from yesterday and hibachi rice and meat left over from the night before.  So it was an easy meal to make - pop it in the oven and the skillet.

During this evening, I had about an hour of feeling really sad – perhaps a let down from the fun day, perhaps just a time of “reality” setting back in.  I wanted to cry, but didn’t want to cry.  I finally started singing in my mind “Fear Not Tomorrow” by the Collingsworth Family, and soon the sadness lifted.  Once the kitchen was cleaned, I was able to get involved in a college football game, and that helped, too.  I’m not a very passive football-watcher!  :)  Alabama won big today (again), and that was nice!  Roll Tide!!!!!  

I’m looking forward to going to church at Mid American Nazarene College Church in the morning.  Sula and the boys will go with us.  I need to hear some beautiful worship music.  Here's a picture from the last time I was here and able to go. 

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  1. Why yes, *I am* stalking your blog today, lol!!

    I. MUST. SEE. THAT. STORE. at some point in my life. That just looked like a lot of fun!