Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another beautiful Sunday….

It has been another beautiful Sunday here.  Guy, the boys, Su and I went to church at Mid America Nazarene College Church again.  It is such a beautiful church inside.  The stained glass windows provide just a majestic atmosphere.  It was so wonderful to just soak in God’s spirit and love during the worship service and the message.

After the service, I stopped to speak to the man who does the announcements, offering, etc. just to ask him to say a prayer for me this week as I have surgery.  He began to write down my name and some details.  He was such a kind and concerned man, not even knowing me.  He led me over to two other men, “prayer warriors”, he called them.   They all gathered around me and prayed heaven down!!  What a blessing that was to me!  After praying, I turned to see Chris and Dylan.  One of the men began to speak to them about praying for their grandmother, and immediately big tears welled up in Chris’ eyes.  He has such a tender heart.  And then in Dylan’s eyes, too.  We all had a time of hugging and crying.  I love these boys so much!! 

God’s people, even when they are total strangers, are such a blessing.  God is so good to bring people into our lives right when we need them.

We finished off the morning at Applebee’s with lots of talking and laughing, enjoying our family time together.

This morning as I was getting ready for church and fixing my hair, my thoughts kept going to that inevitable question – how much hair will I have to work with when this is all over?  This is probably the last Sunday I'll have this hairdo......

Now that the upper spot appears to be another angiosarcoma, I’m wondering if they will take a 3” area there also.  If so, there will be no way to cover that spot with hair like I thought I could the one behind my ear.  Well, I know it is crazy to even be concerned about hair, but every now and then, my mind just wonders over there….

This thing has been aching all day long. Enough that I’ve had to take Tylenol, and I never take pain medication.  I’m just SOOOO ready for this to be over!!!  I just pray they haven't waited too long.

But, I remain in His hands….

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