Monday, October 17, 2016

Thinking about music today......

I've been thinking about music today……music has always been such a big part of my life. Many mornings I wake up with a song on my mind.  Most of the time it will be an old hymn I learned as a child or in my young adult life.  Oh, sometimes it is one of the contemporary songs – there are many of those that I love, too.  But the old hymns seem to be the ones that come to me the most. 

Then there are the southern gospel songs.  For years, I've gotten ready for church on Sunday morning listening to the Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee.  Since I’ve moved to Kansas, I can no longer get it.  They are supposed to be on the Linkin app, but all I get is an error message.  Bummer! 

So I often listen to the Collingsworth Family.  I have several of their albums downloaded onto my phone.  One of them is mostly hymns.  My favorite song of theirs is “Fear Not Tomorrow,” linked below. It has been my favorite from the 1st time I heard it.  It has really special meaning to me now. The Collingsworth Family came to Birmingham for two years in a row, and my sister and I were right in the middle on the front row both times!  They travel the southeast quite a bit and are based in Ohio.   After moving, I didn’t think I’d ever get to hear them again.  We just found out Sunday that they are going to be at Mid America Nazarene College Church on Nov. 6 of this year.  I’m so excited!!  My post op check back here in KC is the 8th of Nov., so we need to just come up here on Saturday, and we can be here for their concert.  If you have never heard them, and they come within driving distance of you, you MUST go hear them!  I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed!!  Their harmony is just indescribable, and the mom (Kim) of the family plays the piano like no one you have ever heard.  She has been voted Musician of the Year by Singing News Fan Awards every year from 2012 to present.

Here’s a link to my favorite song

And then I found the Sisters on youtube

You know, when you get on youtube, you could spend a whole day there!  Especially when you get over into any Mark Lowry stuff.  Oh, dear, I just won’t go there tonight, or I’ll be up all night – although I could use some laughing!  :)

Until next time….

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