Sunday, October 16, 2016

Had a beautiful Sunday

We all started our day by going to Mid American Nazarene University College Church.  Beautiful church - big choir, orchestra, grand piano, organ.  I couldn't wait to get there!  Loved having my family with me.  It was so good to sit there and bask in the warmth of worshipping God with all the beauty around me.  The choir special was "How Great Thou Art", one my favorites!  He truly is a great God!!

After the service we all went to Applebee's.  This is one of my favorite chain restaurants.  I always get the same thing - oriental grilled chicken salad with a little extra dressing.  Suzanne Dupree, one of my fellow nursing instructors, turned me on to these several years ago.  I like to get the luncheon special size during the week, because it's about half the size as the weekend edition.  Today was the 1st time I just couldn't clean up my plate. 

Chris (13), Dylan (15), and Sula (housekeeper/nanny). Love those boys!!!

Sweet Su. 

Mother Nature sure outdoes herself this time of year. These beauties are across the street from Mark's house. 

This dogwood sits right outside the front dining room window. It is so pretty from the inside in the early morning sun. 

It was such a beautiful day - sunshine, 80s, just a little more breeze than I liked, but we enjoyed our time together.

Not sure why from 5:30-7:00 pm is a bit of a rough time for me.  It seems my emotions bottom out then.  Perhaps it has something to so with my blood sugar being lower while I prepare the evening meal. I don't know.....I just know I don't like this waiting - want to get it over with.  It's a pain to keep clean - itches and burns at times.  Hard to keep hair from getting messy around it.  Never really wanted to be a red head!  :)  I find myself automatically wanting to turn over to that side in the night - then I remember.  Can't wait to sleep on that side again!  I tried sleeping on my face on that side last night - WRONG - that didn't work! :)

Tomorrow Mark comes home.  Looking forward to spending a *little* time with him until he flies off again for his job.

I always am so thankful for continued prayers, sweet notes and thoughts from so many.  Love y'all!!

I will try to update this site daily. I find it is therapeutic to write.

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  1. The stained glass windows are SO beautiful. I can't believe how big those grand-boys have grown. They are so handsome!!
    Ok, and can I just say, Sula is lovely.